Dealing With Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews

The impact of negative reviews on a company’s reputation and sales is profound. Studies indicate that just one negative review can drive away approximately 22% of customers, with the number increasing as more negative reviews accumulate.

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5 Essential Strategies for Securing an Exceptional Mentor

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve been incredibly blessed with the guidance of exceptional mentors. Their influence becomes increasingly significant as one climbs the career ladder or grows their business. Achieving success these days transcends mere talent or specialised skills.

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The Untold Benefits of Workplace Conflict


No office space is immune to the occasional workplace conflict. In this era of digital immediacy, remote work and where tasks fly at breakneck speeds and expectations tower ever higher, the workplace becomes a place for stress and, inevitably, conflict. While our instinct might be to view these clashes as detrimental, there lies a nuanced spectrum of benefits and drawbacks worth exploring.

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Essential Gadgets For Business Travel

Going On A Business Trip? Here Are Our Must Have Gadgets When Travelling.

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. For the modern business traveller, this means having access to gadgets that not only streamline your workflow but also ensure connectivity, productivity, and relaxation during your travel. Below I will list some must have gadgets and indispensable technology that forms the backbone of successful business travel in today’s digital era.

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