About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement 

“To provide you with the education, resources, training and support to help you start, manage and grow a business or a career that you love and have the life you want”

Starting and running a business on your own isn’t easy. You want to make the right connections and the right choices for your business and you don’t want to waste valuable time trying to work it out on your own.

  • If only you can ask someone how THEY did it…
  • If only you can quickly and easily learn how to run ALL aspects of your business…
  • If only you can brainstorm ideas and get opinions from like-minded business women who have ‘been there done that’…
  • If only you could reach MORE potential customers…
  • If only you had support…

YOU’RE not alone

Take a deep breath and relax, because that is what Dynamic Business Women is all about. We are all here together (as a group) to support, encourage, network and teach you.

In other words, we’ve got your back sista!

My name is Amy-Louise MacGregor and My Partner Ann-Marie Woudstra and I own and manage Dynamic Business Women, and our passion is helping entrepreneurs and corporates excel in business and in life.

Through our affordable trainings and mentoring, you will be provided with super practical and actionable guidance so that you can grow your business or your career and actually enjoy the process.

More about Us… Amy-Louise MacGregor


Amy-Louise MacGregor Web DesignerOwner and Founder of the Social Media Chaos Theory & Social Synergy Pty Ltd. Digital Marketer and Information Technology expert.

Driven by a passion of technology and marketing, Amy-Louise has been in the tech space for 23+ years as an IT Manager by day and running her own business a boutique Digital Marketing, Web design & SEO agency by night.

Helping business owners with their digital transformations and ensuring they make informed choices about their business and marketing, Amy-Louise is passionate about finding new ways to use technology and tools to build businesses and marketing campaigns, forever the intellectual badass!

Having started her online career as a Web Designer and Facebook ads specialists for high-end business coaches back in 2012, Amy-Louise discovered her thirst to learn as much as possible about business and marketing.

Amy-Louise has since helped 100’s of business owners and companies with their own custom strategies – which is helping them connect with their audience like never before and creating Social Media and Digital Marketing Chaos for their competition.

Amy-Louise has been balancing a day job as the IT manager for a company of nearly 400 staff with the development of her own business. Now, after years of steady growth, she is greatly expanding operations in order to bring her 23 years of experience and knowledge to even more entrepreneurs and businesses across Australia.

Amy-Louise has invested hundreds of thousands into her business education and wants to coach and mentor those who are keen to step it up a notch.

MacGregor prides herself on connecting with clients one-on-one in order to discover what lies at the heart of their business, and help define their unique value. From there, she develops and implements a customised strategy by her own hand, backed by technical experts who assist in expediting the process.

The results, MacGregor says, create a storm of “social media chaos” that her client’s competitors find it hard to contend with.!”

You can read more about Amy-Louise over on her website. 

Ann-Marie Woudstra Ann-Marie Woudstra Psychologist

Owner and Founder of the Ann-Marie Woudstra Co Pty Ltd. High Performance Coaching, Counselling, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. 

After 25+ years working with Start-ups, Business Coaches, Online Businesses, Fuel, Pharmaceutical, Franchises, Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage, Convenience Retail,  Disability, Aged Care and the Not For Profit sector, lets just say Ann-Marie has picked up a thing or two and has a few tricks up her sleeves.

Ann-Marie Woudstra is well known across all sectors as the ‘go to’ person if you’re wanting to create a high performance team or implement operational excellence into your business or positive changes in your personal life.

Ann-Marie prides herself on her own results but more importantly the results she can bring to those she works with.

All these people whether it be an entrepreneur, business owner, senior leader, student or a couple have one thing in common. They want more out of life. Higher performance.

They know they are deserving and capable they just need that guidance and support from someone who knows how to utilise the skills they have within. Ann-Marie has this uncanny intuitive know-how that gets the job done.

Ann-Marie combines all her experiences, her formal education, psychology and NLP techniques to create a high performing business or team. You can read more about Ann-Marie  Woudstra over on her website.