How some Zen can help you and your business to succeed

What does spirituality have to do with business?

Years ago, if you asked me that question I would have said, nothing. For then, I viewed business as that profit figure on the financial statement just so that one can own convertibles, mansions, boats and exercise power over the lesser. And I also defined spirituality as ‘religion’, an organized and institutionalized belief system.

However, these days, especially to conscious businesswomen like you and me, business success is defined as fullfilment, joy, purpose,empowerment and freedom.

Today I define spirituality as the evolution toward the silent intimacy of unity and connection with the core of yourself and all of life. It’s simply an inner knowing that is the essence of you and beyond you.

As such, spirituality and business most certainly work well together hand-in-hand.

As a dynamic business woman, thought leader, conscious business owner and innovator and passionate entrepreneur, you are privileged and honored to be at the forefront of the wave of incredible change sweeping across our world today.

You have entered into the age of knowing who you really are, empowered in your own femininity, will and strength, while carrying forward your grander and higher vision in making a difference with your successes.

Along with these exciting times come adventure, challenges, amazing possibilities and countless options. Constant juggling and balancing acts may become an increasing skill you have to master in your business journeys. So anchoring back into the core wisdom of your true essence will only see you flowing with the journey and allowing everything in your life and business to fall into sync.

What does all this mean? It means let’s incorporate a bit of calming and wise zen into your life and watch your business flourish!


quiet reflection 2The power of meditation can never be underestimated. A wise old Eastern analogy likens it to taming turbulent murky waters in a river where you can’t see the bottom, where you’re going, get washed away and may even drown.

If you allow the waters to calm and settle, it will become clear, and will simply reveal itself. Likewise the thinking mind is the same. Constant and obsessive thinking, analyzing, planning, and strategizing will drain every bit of living energy out of you and get you nowhere.

Meditate, be still, quieten and calm the mind and the answers and solutions will simply reveal. So how and when do I meditate? Guided meditations, breath meditations, mantras, colors can all be used to take the focus away from the busy mind.

You can do them in the mornings before you begin your day and this will clear your head for a fresh start. Or in the evenings before you retire for bed, it will relax both your mind and body for a deep and restful sleep.

You will wake up refreshed, energized and ready to take on your world of business!


Another natural result of meditation and quietening of the incessant mind is the clarity of your intuitive voice. The noisy mental brain drowns out the quiet wisdom of the heart. As a woman this is one of of your greatest gifts, so utilize your functional and skillful brain but let it be guided by the wise knowing of your heart.

In every step of decision-making and overcoming challenges, analyze and evaluate with your logical brain but finally tune in to the wisdom of your intuitive heart and gut. For there is more to you that is beyond you, and the silent part of you knows that.


Balance is a core principle of life. Everything in life from nature cycles to the running of your family and household, marriage, relationships, health and business all operate on an intricate balancing act.

Too much and it tips one way, too little and it tips the other way. So listen to your body and tune in to your inner knowing, and return it to balance. Work, rest and play, sleep and wake, rise and fall, up and down, excess and defficiencies, giving and receiving.

Strive for balance within your body, in your day-to-day living, your relationships and roles, and your responsibilities and commitments. Learn to stop, take time out, say no, reenergize and receive, as much as you would labour with passion, go full steam, grab every opportunity and give your all in every direction.

Another wise Eastern analogy that reminds us of our innate wisdom is the Five Elements cycle of nature.The water element of winter signifies the planting of seeds i.e. the planting of your goals, dreams and visions with courage.

The wood element of spring signifies the growing and feeding of those goals, dreams and visions with patience and dilligence. The fire element of summer sees the harvesting of your results and hard work with joy and gratitude.

The earth element of late summer signifies the enjoyment of the harvest in reflection. And finally the metal element of autumn ushers in the release and letting go of what didn’t work, mistakes made and wrongs done, with compassion. The soil can then be made ready for the next lot of seeds to be planted afresh in winter. And for the next cycle to continue onto another level.

So it’s okay to feel frustrated, inadequate, upset, make mistakes, sometimes almost giving up, but know that they are natural cycles of your growth. Evaluate, learn, explore and be fully present for the journey is not linear but cyclic. Enjoy, honor and flow with the journey and the destination will simply take care of itself.

If you honor these natural cycles in your self, life and business, they will flow and fluorish with greater ease and success. You and your business will flow effortlessly for you will be in sync with the higher and bigger picture.
The greater life will work with you into manifesting fulfillment, joy, wonder, empowerment, purpose and freedom.

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Patsie Smith

Author Bio:

Patsie Smith is a spiritual author, healing facilitator, meditation and yoga teacher, inspirational speaker and mother of 3. She has built a brick and mortar Massage and Yoga Centre business from scratch in the past, now a writer, speaker and owner of a recently launched online business in spiritual and personal wisdom, growth and healing

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