Why These Excuses are BS!

Article by Noor Hibbert

The top excuses I hear from mums that dream of starting their own business (and why I think they are all a load of BS!)

Whilst trying to deal with my irrational three-nager, business emails, and a trip to the farm, I realised that overwhelm is a huge factor stopping mothers achieving their potential.

Being a mum is tough work, I get it.

However, many mothers dream of starting a business but just “haven’t got round to it.” The issue is, you will never get round to it unless you start getting out of your own way.

Our brain prefers to run on auto-pilot and is designed to keep us safe. It considers anything unknown as a red flag which results in us staying in a comfortable zone of plodding through life and conjuring up a plethora of excuses to justify this.

Here are some of the excuses I hear, and in honour of my favourite card game, I am going slip on my controversial heels and shout Bulls**t on everyone.

The top excuse is ‘I don’t have time’. Find a way to organise your day to make time. I get up at 5.30am so I have at least 1 hour of me time. Making a new habit of waking up one hour earlier has changed my life. Like a magician I have created 13 months out of 12. (1 hour x 30 days = 360 hours. Divide by 10hr working days and Voila! An extra 36 days). So, make time for your dreams. You will thank yourself on your deathbed.

Another great one is “I don’t know what I want to do.” This is a biggie. The thing is we don’t need to go out searching for it. If you spend your life sleepwalking through a job that doesn’t fulfil you, running around tirelessly after the kids and ‘relaxing’ after each day by filling your mind with mental fluff from the latest reality show, then one thing is for sure, you are not creating a space in your brain for creativity and purpose to find you. You need to be open to opportunities and I promise you, you will start knowing.

One of my favourite excuses is I prefer the security of a job”.
The same person that hired you yesterday can fire you tomorrow. In my opinion, the only way to make your income secure is by creating multiple streams. And I know what your are thinking already, “my business could fail and my whole life would crumble and I’ll be penniless and look like an idiot” Well let’s face it, there’s a possibility this could happen, but by seeing each ‘failure’ as a chance to grow and learn and by remaining persistent and focused on our goals, you will succeed.

A goodie I have heard a few times is “I will stick with my job until the next baby”. Procrastination is a killer. It kills momentum, creativity, drive and most importantly when you have another baby, you will be feeling the wrath of extra tiredness and less time so there is no better time than now.

A reason I’ve heard that always baffles me is “I get good maternity pay so I will stay where I am for now”. If you want the maternity pay then that means you are already planning to go back to your job after the baby. Subconsciously, you have already told yourself that you have failed at your hypothetical business that you procrastinated at starting in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle.

The excuse I can relate to most is “I am too tired”. Aren’t we all? However, there are ways to make your limited sleep high quality (such as not watching any screens for 50 minutes before bed.) In addition, if you eat well, drink lots of water and engage in some sort of physical exercise each day, you will have more energy then a Duracell Bunny. You will learn to survive on much less sleep and feel great. I also guarantee that waking up to do something you love is an amazing fuel of energy unparalleled to any caffeine I know.

“I don’t have capital” is also in the predictable black book of mummy excuses. I started my online business with £1000 and I know many successful people that started on less then that. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The last excuses which I hear often is the one your brain likes to offer out the most.I can’t do it.” Well, I am here to say..yes you can!!!! We all can. Take a look at anybody that you think is successful. Where did they start? Were they born with superhuman powers? Are they money-making magicians? Are they better then you?

The answer is absolutely and unequivocally no. With persistence, drive and a sprinkling of faith. you can be and achieve whatever you want. Take a moment to sit down today and really look at what is stopping you. As you write each excuse down, write next to it why this excuse is a load of BS, how you can overcome it and then cross it off. Then look at the paper with no excuses, tell yourself your dreams are worth the work and start making a plan today. You’ve got this girl.

Author Bio: Noor Hibbert is the founder of This Is Your Dream and is a Certified Business and Life Success Coach. She is a mummy on a mission to help mumpreneurs create a soul-centered business they love (that also makes an impact!) whilst doing their most important job of being an awesome mum. Check out www.thisisyourdream.com