Why I never want my To Do list to end

Saying ‘I am busy’  is an understatement.

But what keeps me on top of my daily tasks is my trusted To Do List. Yes my name is Tanya and I am a list girl. I write lists for everything and if I’ve done something that’s not on my list I will add just so I can cross it off.

Yeah, sad I know!

There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment as you cross an item off the To Do list!

It makes you feel like you have achieved something by looking at all those crossed off items.

My lists consists of the good old fashioned paper lists, of which there are many on my desk, and lists on various apps on my phone. When I think of something no matter where I am, it gets added to a list otherwise will forget it.

Recently I got thinking about how I never seem to get to the end of my To Do lists as I keep adding more to them. This could’ve left me feeling overwhelmed or feeling inadequate for my lack of achieving my tasks but instead to-doI realised I never want my To Do List to end. That would mean I would have nothing left to do, experience or achieve and that is not what I want in life. I always want to be creating new projects, experiencing all that life has to offer, researching new business ideas, working towards new goals and to never stop learning or living.

My never ending To Do List means I am continuing to do all those things and that’s the way I always want it to be.

I wouldn’t be happy otherwise, so before you wish for something – think again about what it means to achieve it and is that what you really want.

I never want my To Do list to end and hope yours doesn’t either.


BIO: Tanya Williams Director of Digital and Tradigital Strategist at Digital Conversationsphoto. I work with clients to leverage their traditional and digital marketing to create more value for their marketing dollars and attract more clients. I have extensive experience in digital, marketing, business and sales and give clients a fresh ‘outside in’ perspective to their brands. I love working in the digital space and thrive on working with like minded entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and make their own rules.