Top three tech gadgets and apps to try in 2017

As a mother of two boys and the creative director of a busy events agency, I’m all for the latest and greatest tools that can streamline processes and provide creative solutions.

I’ve seen a lot of the new innovations in the consumer tech world, which can have great applications in our home lives and work lives.

Here are my top three tech gadgets and apps to try this year.

Wearable tech

Those of us starting to experiment with smart watches and other wearables will be better connected than ever before. I love my smart watch for allowing me to breeze through registration lines as ticketing software scans them unobtrusively! I also love it for alerting me to a phone call from my sons school when my phone is buried deep in my bag.

Michael Kors recently released their smart watch to allow style-conscious wearers to have social connectivity and health and fitness tracking all within a pretty good looking watch. It’s certainly an upgrade from a Fitbit.

Something else I have my eye on is the Mezzi range of bags. These smart accessories can be tracked via GPS, have built-in chargers and Bluetooth speakers, light up when opened, handle call notification, and are packed with device pockets.

I haven’t invested in the Snapchat Spectacles yet but I see the appeal. They are camera-enabled glasses allowing users to shoot 10-second videos then upload them directly to Snapchat, making it even easier for attendees to upload a constant stream of commentary on any given event. I can see a lot of uses for these in my life actually now I think about it…

Augmented reality apps

Have you ever looked at a beautiful (but static) product display or advertisement and thought ‘if only I could interact with this?’. Well ponder no longer, augmented reality will be mainstream this year!

McDonalds Australia is an early adopter, using the technology made famous for PokemonGo for their retail purposes. By downloading an app people can now turn the promotional packaging into a gaming experience. I’ve even seen people reading the Ikea catalogue using their augmented reality app.

We are using augmented reality apps in our business as a way to activate invitations, to create a buzz and get attendees involved before they even walk through the doors. It’s an exciting technology I’m sure we will see a lot more of over 2017.

Portable printers

Since polaroids came back onto the scene we’ve seen Instaprint photo booths popping up at events left right and center. The ante has now been upped by the release of the first tiny portable 3D printer which can just be plugged into your phone or tablet.

I can see a great opportunity here for creating a custom gift on the spot! With my work hat on I’m thinking about giveaways for conference attendees. With my mum hat on I’m thinking about 3D printing kids sunglasses every time one pair gets lost!

About Your Guest Blogger: Francesca Peskops is co-founder and creative director of Event Emporium, a boutique events agency in Sydney. She lives by the beach with her kids and goes into the city each day for work and truly enjoys the best of both worlds. Outside of family and work her passions are food and travel. For industry insights as well as hints and tips for events join the online community