4 Tips for Balancing Business and School Holidays

As a WAHM (Work At Home Mum) here are my personal top 4 tips for keeping my sanity and remaining productive during school holidays.

For me, as a business coach, December – January is my busiest time of the year. This is the time where most people are setting their goals and planning for the year ahead… this time also happens to coincide with school holidays here in Australia.

Now I have to admit that Im very fortunate that as a single parent my two boys spend half of the school holidays with their father. This enables 3 solid weeks of work, and the other 3 weeks of part-time work… but still… trying to work, coach, blog etc is no easy feat when you have children that need your constant attention.

So here are my top tips for remaining productive during school holidays;

1. Your Electronic Babysitter. I can still remember when my boys got to that age where they transitioned from Tonka trucks to Xbox. I hated it! When my ex-husband would buy them xbox games for Christmas I would cringe and try to compensate by getting them cricket bats and footballs.

As time went on these online devises became my best friend!

I do however find the need to place time limits on when they can become couch potatoes with these devises, and I have to tell you that those times when they are distracted, are the most blissful, quietest and productive times of my day.

So iPads, Xbox, Playstation whatever works for you it’s ok

2. Bribery!

Well not quite bribery but you know what I mean.

My boys know that I still have to continue working while they are on holidays so we simply compromise. If I take the morning off then they know that they need to allow me the afternoon to work uninterrupted… it’s a handshake deal that can’t be broken.

3. Start The Day Earlier

Now Im known to my friends as a bit of a nana, simply put I don’t do late nights!

Seriously, I struggle once it hits the 9:30 mark… sad, but true.

I am however, a great morning person and am motivated, inspired and energised in those early hours (yes I know, I can see those night owls cringing at the thought) and thats even before coffee!

So I will wake at sometimes 4am which means that by the time my little cherubs wake up, I’ve managed to get in at least 3hrs of work already.

Now I know 4am starts are not for everyone, but even if you can get in an hour of early morning work, or put the kids to bed early and work later at night, its all about making it work better for you.

4. Prepare Before The Holidays Start

Batch your blogs, pre-schedule your social media posts. Websites like Hootsuite are great because I can pre-schedule everything up to a year in advance if I wanted to.

Have everything mapped out that you need to do and then schedule it! If it cant be pre-scheduled then schedule a time in your calendar so that your accountable to do it on that day

It’s all about making it work for you.

In turn this eliminates your stress levels because you’re not spending that quality time with your kids and being distracted with those niggling thoughts of… “I really should be writing my blog, posting on my social media etc”

I would love to hear tips and trick on how you make school holidays work for you, please share with the rest of us in the comments section below