The Stress Effect

In today’s hectic business world, we may find ourselves obligated to play multiple roles. The result of taking on too much is often summed up in one word: STRESS!

Join PlumbTalk Women’s Dr. Shelley Plumb  in the ground breaking event, “The Stress Effect.” Gain ground-breaking insight and knowledge as Dr. Plumb explore the physical and psychological effects of daily tension and discuss ways to rise above stressful circumstances in the entrepreneurial world.

  • Engaging event with informative resources presented
  • Explore the psychology behind wearing multiple “hats”
  • Uncover the destructive nature of stress
  • Examine the top stressors in the work place
  • Witness stress management techniques in action


 We here at Dynamic Business Women encourage you to look after yourself because YOU are amazing and you deserve to be happy and healthy.

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Bio: Dr. Shelley Plumb is a podiatric physician, certified LifeStrategies Coach, devoted wife and mother, prominent speaker and founder of PlumbTalk Women ( Through its many programs and resources, PlumbTalk aims to fill women with the passion, energy, and determination to change not only themselves, but also the societies in which they live.