The Power of Collaboration

The Power of collaboration and why by lifting others you can lift yourself in business too.

All my life, I was scared that there wouldn’t be enough. Enough love, enough success, even enough food on the table. This was something that was instilled within me from a very young age. It also meant living my life in fear, that life would always be ‘hard’ for me, thinking I could never create my own dream reality. Until I did.

People never tell you the truth about what it takes, but more than this, the truth about what you need to give.

Giving is everything.

In the time I have spent investing in myself, reading all the books, doing the yoga, going to the gym, eating well, taking all my nutrients, meditating etc, etc (and yes I realise of course this has been all about me)… the absolute one truth that I have learned is that it’s true; the more you give, the more you get.

I used to think about this with love, if I was feeling unloved I’d send love notes to my circle, to only then be reminded with so many words of love back that I am love. If I want something, first you have to give it.

In business it’s exactly the same. The more you give, the more you will get. Perhaps not from where or to who you ‘gave’ to, and you need to honestly give without the intention of ‘getting’ back (I did this for you so you owe me type thinking)… but it all comes back to you.

As the saying goes, what you sow you shall reap.

What if people, if every single word you spoke to someone was a seed? Just as the thoughts we think are seeds in our own mind that we water daily with our own positive or negative beliefs…what if the words you speak to others…are the same (because they are). You are the first to hear the words you speak, what energy are you giving?

The more you lift people up, the more you believe in the beauty of their dreams… the higher/ more successful they become to actually HELP you up that ridiculously difficult, breaks all the time, wobbly ladder of success?

There is power in giving. value, but the money will come.

Business is about relationships, more so now than ever, it’s about partnerships and support, the Íve got your back’support when there are so many things, like life, getting in the way of you became the absolutely best version of you, and that includes living your dream.

Collaboration or as I prefer to call it #collabmagic… its magic between 2 business that share the same beliefs yet can utilise each others strengths for the greater good. The result…more results, a stronger product and increased brand awareness. Shared success.

My only word of contemplation is to not jump into bed with anyone. Your business is your baby…as theirs is theirs. What do you both stand for? Do you have the same key and core beliefs? What do you want to achieve?

Create boundaries and agreements because too often these days we are jumping into the business bed with our friends, ‘friends with benefits’ and if there is no relationship guideline you’re only going to end up in one of these ‘situationships’ which are generally only good for short term, or one person of the two person #collab.

About Your Guest Blogger: Charlie De Haas is the Sydney entrepreneur behind The Clean Treats Factory. In the last month, her business has grown 1000% thanks to her belief in sharing the love and collaboration.