The Invisible Glass Door

Recently my husband Vince and I renovated our little 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom Queenslander home to a comfortable 4 bedroom, 2-bathroom retreat. As part of this renovation we have these lovely timber sliding doors that open right up to a beautiful deck area. A great spot for an evening BBQ, relaxing with a glass of wine and bringing the outdoors in.

After the deck was finished I had a little whinge about the safety lines across the glass – you know the little white squares to stop people running into the glass? My husband proceeded to tell me that they are a safety requirement for certification purposes and that they must be on the glass to prevent people from running into the doors. “How ridiculous!” I exclaimed. “I mean unless you’re basically blind like Bailey (our dog) how could you possibly run into these doors with their huge timber frames?”

A couple of weeks later we were having one of those lovely evening BBQ’s. We had just come home from the gym and I was ravenous. I found my way to the fridge, rummaged for some leftovers and found myself wandering out to the deck with tasty little morsels in hand. I was lost in the deliciousness of my food and deep in conversation with Vince……clearly something so important that I now cannot even recall the topic! As our BBQ sizzled away it was time for me to head back inside to get some veggies cooking – not before finishing my leftovers though! As I continued to munch I spun around on my heel and headed towards the glass doors. And then BANG!!!…. just like that my forehead and knee simultaneously hit the glass door. My eyes started watering, my forehead and knee pulsing and my ego smashed right through the glass into little pieces*!

Ok, so yes I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but I ran into the glass door, a mere week or two after stating the absurdity of people walking into a door! And god did it hurt, thick glass on the forehead and the knee does not tickle let me tell you.

So why am I confessing this embarrassing story to you?

Well, it got me thinking about the things in our lives that block us or prevent us from moving forward, and in particular the huge ones right there in front of us, that maybe aren’t necessarily visible to us – like that tricky enormous floor to ceiling glass door of mine!

You see, there are a few glass doors that most of us have in our lives. Two of the biggest ones I see at play in my clients are fear and “busy-ness”.

These show up differently for everyone, but for the women I often work with, it looks a little like this. “I’ve got so much on, I don’t have time to do anything for myself” in other words, I’ve filled my life with so many activities to keep my mind occupied that I don’t want to prioritise myself, how I’m feeling and take the time to understand the real me and the things I ‘actually’ want or need.


“Yes you’re right I don’t enjoy my job and I wish there was something more, but it pays well”. This one is usually a glass door that is buried quite deep. It is often something along the lines of, I fear pursuing a lifestyle that fills me with joy as I am afraid of what I must sacrifice or give up to get that.– Being the creatures of habit that we are, the fear of the unknown petrifies us!

What is it for you?

So, what is holding you back that is buried beneath the surface? What is your glass door?

And most importantly how are you going to become aware that the door is there, so that you can open it and live a life full of joy, excitement, passion, fulfillment and so much more? Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to wait until retirement for happiness and living a life on your terms.

If you haven’t already done so, take some time to reflect and understand your highest order values. Your key values are the biggest drivers in your life. Most people don’t actually know what is important to them at the core of their being. Completing a values assessment is a great start to understanding who you are and what is of most importance to you. Once you have this foundation, it is amazing to follow this to nourish it and grow the life you have always dreamed of.

*I know you are concerned about me, but don’t stress, I managed to get away with no concussion or injuries and the door stayed in one piece too….phew!

About Your Guest Blogger: Suzanne is the Director and Founder of Grace and Grind Career and Lifestyle Coaching as well as a certified Executive Coach, Life Coach, Human Resource Specialist and Yoga Teacher. Her coaching services assist people to excel in their lives by using a holistic health and wellbeing approach combined with understanding their highest order values (get a free copy of a values assessment via her website). Suzanne’s passion is to help people find a career/lifestyle that they love while growing their confidence, self-love and ultimate potential.