The Diary of a WAHM

The Diary of a WAHM and surviving the first week of school holidays

What was I thinking?!

Honestly sometimes I just don’t think things through at times. I get an idea then jump in feet first without any thought on the little things… like sleep!

So I have a new launch coming up in the next few weeks (watch this space!) and I think it’s going to be a real game changer for you and your business. I’m beyond excited about it and can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag, but for now its all still under wraps.

BUT – now is the time that I need to plan out my launch in every detail, draft my emails and plan my marketing

BUT – it also coincides with the first week of school holidays #facepalm

Sometimes I feel like I unknowingly and deliberately try and self sabotage things, do you do the same?

As mums, school holidays can be an extra challenge when it comes to running our business. I’m normally prepared and have batched my newsletters, social media posts, podcasts and anything else that I can pre-schedule is done is the two weeks leading up to school holidays. This allows me ‘guilt free’ time to spend with my boys, but this time I wasn’t as organised.

So, this blog/diary post was inspired  and written for all the Work At Home Mum’s (WAHM) that are dealing with the same issues

Day 1: Batten down the hatches here we go! First things first I had to go over my schedule and see what could be moved around till the following week. I categorised all my tasks for the week into;

  • Urgent/Important and couldn’t wait,
  • Not so urgent but still important (therefore has to be done at some stage this week),
  • Not urgent and can be delegated and outsourced to a third party

This makes me feel a hell of a lot better as my To Do List has now been halved, but on the down side my eldest son has now come down with a nasty chest infection (which on the plus side means all he wants to do is sleep so there is no fighting over the Xbox and everyone is happy to stay indoors, stay warm and chillax).

Sanity & productivity level is an awesome 10/10

FullSizeRender1Day 2: My son is still very sick (poor muffin) so another day indoors which lead me to be surprisingly productive! My podcasts are edited, emails are pre-written for the new launch, and the marketing mapped out.

I’m struggling to ignore the mess the kids are making of the house yet I need to prioritise and let it go (still practicing that one, lol)

Yup today was a good day

Sanity & productivity level is an awesome 10/10… Im on a roll now

Day 3:
Thank god for sleep overs! Today I had to do a podcast interview which had me sweating bullets (not because of the interview, but past experiences with podcast interviews whilst my kids were home have involved them sitting outside my office door making farting noises followed by fits of laughter, honestly… BOYS!). Fortunately with only one son in the house the interview went off without any farting interruptions

Sanity & productivity level is an awesome 10/10…. Im on fire ladies!

even the dog looks scared, lol

Day 4: By now the house looks like a mini tornado has hit it (or should I say TWO mini tornados!). I can’t stand it anymore, I MUST clean! After spending the first half of the morning trying to get the house back in order I then decide to tackle only three things on my To Do List and Im surprised to find that I get them done in only a few hours.

Im also getting a ripper of a headache, and a scratchy throat. Oh HELL NO I have no time to get sick! No. No. No!!!

Sanity & productivity level is an awesome 5/10… Bugger 🙁

Stay tuned for next weeks post where you will find out;

  • Does Michele get the launch out on time?
  • Does Michele actually get sick?
  • Will the house ever be clean again?