The Best Business Cards Come With Pages

I’ve recently heard business books described as A Business Card on Steroids – “a magical marketing tool” and I have to agree. And here’s why.

You give someone your business card because it fulfills the following:

It’s tangible: It’s a gift, if you like, albeit very small and low-cost – but in some cultures, a business card demands to be treated respectfully.

It’s about YOU. It says a bit about you and your business: your name, the business name, maybe there’s room for your business slogan.

It provides your contact details: It has your name, phone number, physical and email addresses, social media contacts and more.

But imagine giving a potential client or a new contact your business book – pages of information about who you are, what you do, what you aim to achieve, how your exertise can help clients. Yes, there’s a lot more time and money involved in writing and publishing a book but it sets you aside from your competitors. Here how a book is perceived.

Your book is a welcome gift

What better gift than a book? If you give a bottle of wine, after it’s been drunk you’re left with another bottle for the recycling bin; a box of chocolates and you have a tummy ache and a pretty box. But a book… After you’ve read it, you have a head full of ideas, knowledge about the author’s business, and insight into his or her motivation.

It’s ALL about you

You can’t fit much on a 90 x 55mm business card, but a 150+ page book can say so much about you and your business. It can educate and promote, tell a story, offer advice, share business secrets, successes, theory and practice. It can entertain and even look good (a bit like yourself!).

It doesn’t get thrown away

If someone takes your business card, they have your contact details filed in their wallet, or desk drawer. It’s easy to lose or forget about, or throw away when you do your annual de-clutter. A good business book will provide ways to contact the author and his or her business. And, I don’t know about you, but I very rarely throw a book away. I leave it lying around, other people pick it up and talk about, or I proudly add it to my other business tomes on the bookshelf. So when I need your services, it can easily be retrieved, and I can track you down.

If you write your business story, then you’ve spent a lot of time planning and drafting your manuscript, writing it, and working with a team to publish it. There’s also the financial investment as well as the time. This effort shows how important your business is to you and how well you want to present it people outside of your business.

At Major Street we specialise in working with authors to publish their business books. We’re a one-stop shop with over two decades of experience. We make the publishing process easy and we make it fun, and the result is a top quality publication that you’ll be proud to give to clients.

This week a happy Major Street client gave us this feedback:

“…flicking through the book and absolutely love it. It’s laid out well, is edited nicely and the headings are great.”

This was the author’s second book. He self-published this first book by himself, found out it was quite a challenging process and he came to us because he wasn’t 100% pleased with the final result.

Don’t make that mistake. Contact is first.


About Your Guest Blogger: Lesley Williams has more than 20 years’ experience publishing business books. Since 2009, she has been publishing under her own Major Street Publishing imprint. Lesley is always happy to talk to prospective authors. She can be contacted on