Ways To Supplement Your Income with Side Jobs

Need to make some extra money?

Money isn’t everything and it’s the source of all evil, some say. Although there’s some truth to that, we must admit that money can’t buy happiness, but it can bring food to the table, which makes it very important. Of course, none of the extreme options is good, but not being obsessed with money and still having it is absolutely OK.

Money gives us the freedom of choice and, even though it doesn’t mean happiness on its own, it enables us to afford things that could make us and our loved ones happy. That is why we should keep trying to earn money so that we have enough for all our needs and most of our wishes, yet still have time for our family, friends and ourselves.

We’ve come up with some ideas on how to accomplish this goal and the best news is you only need a computer and an internet connection.


If you’re creative and you like writing, why not start your own blog? If you have a certain passion, you can make it a theme blog, as this will help you reach your target audience more easily, and consequently earn more money as well. Whether you’re into travelling, fashion, sports or anything, there’s a number of people that would certainly like to read about your opinion on the subject and you’ll be earning money by doing something you like.

Virtual Assistant

Do you know about all those 24/7 tech support lines many companies have? Have you ever wondered if these people actually sit in their office at 3 am waiting for someone to call? Well, they don’t. They’re actually virtual assistants that work from the comfort of their own home and that can even sleep until someone calls them. They have access to all the information and controls from their computers. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash and it’s quite easy as not many people actually call at these hours.


Apart from blogging, another way to get your voice heard is to make money online by doing various surveys. It can fit into your schedule quite easily since you can do it during a break from your actual job while waiting in line at the post office or while commuting. That way, you’ll be earning money without it taking up any extra time, so you will still have some free time to spend with your family, friends or on your own.


If you like photography and are talented, you probably already have a quality camera and a habit of taking photos of random things. So, how about making some money from your hobby? Sounds great, but how? Well, you can always upload your photos on certain websites that sell photos for individuals, as well as companies. This is a great side job as it doesn’t take up any extra time or effort. Simply upload all the photos you’ve taken so far and earned money every time someone buys one.

Logo designer

Another way you can land a freelance gig is by designing logos. Of course, this would require some knowledge of Photoshop or some other software that enables you to create logos, as well as some creativity, but if you’re up for it, why not? You won’t be able to predict how much money you will earn, but anytime you get an order will probably be a good time for some extra cash.

Making and selling crafts

If you can make jewellery, or you are good at knitting, sewing, or any other similar craft, you can make your own products and sell them. The hours would be very flexible, especially in the beginning; you’d be able to work whenever you want, and you could simply create a Facebook page where you’ll be selling your crafts. However, it may become more demanding over time; if your business develops rapidly, people will be ordering things, but you will already be well versed by that time and won’t have any problems with meeting deadlines. If this gig really grows on you, you could even visit fairs or enter competitions later on.

As you can see, there are ways to earn more money without having to sacrifice your free time or the time reserved for yourself and your family. We’re certain that you have skills that enable you to provide services in exchange for money, regardless of how meaningless they may seem to you. So, go ahead and make a list of things you could do and go for it – you have nothing to lose!


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