Your Signature Programs

Let me ask you something… Have you ever thought about creating your very own online digital program? 

By having your own signature program you can create a self automated passive income for your business. Heck, you can even be making money while on holidays, at the gym, enjoying coffee with friends!

I speak with a lot of women who LOVE the idea but simply place it in the too hard basket, its overwhelming, they don’t know where to start, they don’t have the right software, they don’t view themselves as an expert etc..

Today we speak with Janet Kafadar who explains to us that these programs are not that hard to create, and can be a a great way to bring in extra money to your business.


You can download Janet’s “Learn How To Create Your Signature Online Program in 6 Easy Steps” here …

Where you will get access to your Free workbook & guide to Create, Structure and Outline your Program:

– You’ll develop a clear understanding of what steps to take and why,

– A Basic Module template to follow,

– A checklist to make sure you haven’t missed any steps,

– Along with a list of online resources to help map out your program,

This workbook will help you break through the procrastination and get you moving in the right direction.