Save Money on Your Business Trips

Business Travel Know-How

Business travels have always been a great path to make connections, form alliances and, basically, get the job done. On the other hand, unless you are making millions just by stepping onto the plain, business travels can be true little money-devourers.

Data shows that the average cost of domestic business travel is more than 110 US dollars per year, while the employees spend additionally up to 1000 dollars on hotels, airline tickets and other related fees. Who cares, it is the company’s money, right? Wrong. Being responsible on your business travel is a reflection of your future as an employee. For entrepreneurs just starting

Who cares, it is the company’s money, right? Wrong!

Being responsible on your business travel is a reflection of your future as an employee. For entrepreneurs just starting with their own business, limiting their expenses is even more important.

Here are a few ways how to optimize your costs during a business travel.

Plan and Research

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If you have an option to choose the date of the business meeting, browse through the airline schedules while searching for discounts, instead of the precise date (flexible data airfare search).

Only when you find potential dates get in touch with the client/partner to determine the exact time. If, however, you already have a specific date, try to look with different airlines to find lower prices.

As for the hotel, you should also book earlier, if possible, and do your research about the prices and the quality of service. Choose a hotel near meeting point and the airport (if possible to do both) to save on transport costs.
Get all You Can for the Money You Give
Coupons websites may come in handy when you want to save money. You can find printable coupons for hotels, restaurants, rent-a-car etc. Ask around if your hotel offers coupons with traveler discount at gas stations along major highways. You should also use all the travel rewards programs you can get, such as hotel-loyalty programs and frequent-flier programs. Make sure you have company-level programs, so that each time an employee travels the points are increasing.

Use Money-Saving Travel Apps
Luckily, we live in a world where modern technology is capable of keeping us organized and focused on the task. If you would have to write down all of the made expenses, calculate them and save them in an, let us say, envelope your business travel would be turned into a messy chaotic joke. By installing a business expense software you will get a more efficient costs tracking, receipts saving and data integrating, which will, further on contribute to a more frugal traveling.

Be Clever with Transactions
Paying in cash can be confusing and the costs can pile up. Instead, opt for a credit card when it comes to covering your expenses. If you are traveling abroad though, make sure you check for the commission rates in the exchange offices. A better choice, however, would be to use credit cards such as American Platinum to save on foreign transactions fees.

Save on the “Little Things”
If you have multiple trips on your calendar try to stack them together to save money on the long run. Another neat way to save money on the little things is by traveling with carry-on only to avoid charges on the checked baggage. Use tools such as Uber to save money on transport or share a cab or a rent-a-car with your colleagues (if you are not traveling alone). Eat your hotel breakfast, if it is included in the price you are already paying. Because majority of restaurants charge less for lunch than for dinner (the meals are practically the same) try arranging your meetings at lunchtime.

As you see, there are various ways to save money while on business travel, while not harming your professional image or the ongoing business arrangements.

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