Is Re Branding Worth It?

Episode #32

Dominique Perri, together with her husband runs Yoko (formally Baby Dino), an online retail store for kids fashion and lifestyle.
Her business has had a lot of success but what people don’t see on the outside is the hardship they’ve experienced to get to where they are today
Now, with a hugely successful business, Dominique decided to re-brand and take her business in a slightly different direction.
You will have to listen to find out 😉
In this Podcast you will learn;
  • [6.43] Online clothing stores are so competitive, here Dominique shares her strategies that made her business stand out amongst the rest
  • [10.40] The reasons WHY she decided to take on the mammoth task of re-branding
  • [12.15] What was the most challenging part of re-branding
  • [15.10] Learn the steps you need to take when you rebrand
  • [16.00] Did rebranding affect SEO?
  • [18.35] The costs (including the hidden ones) of rebranding and would she do it again?
  • [24.54] The Pro’s and Con’s of working with your partner
  • [33.35] How do you approach the big named brands?
  • [35.50] Tips to get big brands to notice, and sell your products (learn what they actually look for in a product)!

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