Episode #14- Personal Training – Andrew McKee

Episode #14- Personal Training – Andrew McKee

This interview with my old school friend Andrew McKee from Personally Trained was such a fun one for me to do. Ive been close friends with Andrew for over 30 years and I personally know of his journey and struggle from being in a high pressure ‘souless’ corporate job which saw his weight go from 90 kilos to 146 kilo’s – to taking control and not only losing all the weight, to but then go on to become one of the Northern Beaches most successful personal trainers.

Show Notes:

  • Andrew shares his personal story
  • How sharing his personal story not only resonates with his clients but has also skyrocketed his business
  • What makes your business unique? What is your USP?
  • Marking mistake 101 – making your business all about you rather than your clients
  • In a saturated market of personal trainers, learn how you can stand out
  • Should a PT market online? Hear how online marketing has effected Andrew’s business
  • We discuss this new trend on how personal training is moving from 1:1 to virtual online serves – learn the pro’s and con’s

About Andrew: A former corporate high flyer, now a small business owner, personal trainer and online marketer!

Andrew McKee has spent a chunk of his working life working for someone else and making them money. One day he decided that it was time to put himself first and leave the cushy corporate job and start his own business. After going through his own dramatic body and lifestyle transformation with his own personal trainer, Andrew was unsure of what new direction he would take until it dawned on him one day – I like helping people, I like seeing people achieve their goals and what better area of expertise could I be in than helping people transform their lives similarly to what he had done years before.

After 22 yrs in corporate Andrew created Personally Trained. A small one man personal training company and has grown it to being one of the most well known businesses in his local area as well as online.


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