Our Definition of Success

Episode #15- Our Definition of Success & Australian Podcasting – Desmore Nero & Steph Dower

Desmore and Stef together are leading the charge in Podcasting for women in Australia. Listen to the interview to hear their amazing story

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Michele: Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of the Dynamic Business Women’s podcast. Today is a little bit special and a little bit unique because I’m actually interviewing two very amazing and dynamic women. I’d like to introduce to you Desmore Nero and Steph Dower. Guys welcome to the podcast.

Desmore: Thank you, Michele.

Steph: Thanks for having us.

Michele: I’m so excited.

Desmore: Me too
Michele: Now, I just want to give our listeners a little bit of background information as to how our paths have crossed. I recently was interviewed for your podcast called “Our Definition of Success”. And I have to say, you know. I was just really blown away with you guys. With your enthusiasm and your professionalism that I did put these guys on the spot, and task them on to the show so there was just no way they could say no. So, guys I would love for you to tell I’m going to get you guys to introduce yourselves to the audience and just tell a bit about your backgrounds and how you came in to podcasting and how you guys got together and collaborated and became this amazing dynamic duo of the podcasting world.

Steph:. I’m the producer of the podcast. So I am in-charge o you know all of the organizational stuff and Desmore just rocks up and does some talking and then walks away.

Desmore: Yeah Yeah yeah. This is the big boss. (laughs). Just telling by the sideways, you know.

Steph:  I guess my background has been in. It’s a bit of very background. I studied film and television in new media at university. And I graduated that in 2011 so a few years ago now. So I was always focus on editing, mainly.  So on film, on tv and anything like that. And then you know have a bit of lull in my work, you know, as a freelancer.  And I was looking to do some volunteer work somewhere. So I started volunteering at a local community TV station, 31 Digital, and I was there probably about, I think I was there only 2 days and the guy who’s in charge of all the volunteers said was just like ‘so there’s this show we want to do about women and like this talk show. Do you want to come run as head writer and researcher?’ And I was like wow! Okay. Yeah all right sure. Let’s see what happens. And then came back from meeting with the creator and co-host of the show. And I walked into this room and there’s this woman sitting at the table and turns up to be Desmore.

Steph: And she comes over and she gives you a big hug. And I was just so “wow okay” “so we’re doing this, okay cool!” And just from there, it was just you know we worked together. We’re very different I would say, but we compliment each other in terms of our abilities and personalities and that. So that was how we met. And we just did a show together there Her untold story. Did that for about a year and the rest is history I guess on my part.

Desmore: It’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m from Capetown, South Africa and I moved here from 8 years ago. And I had to admit with moving comes its own sets of challenges. Coming to Australia having to re-establish yourself moving from Capetown was a big defining point for me. And I’ve always had my background is Public Relations and you know, I have a big passion for creating content that inspires and motivates enough less people. And I think with Her Untold story and Our definition of Success the purpose and greater vision for the genre of content that we do has a personal development feel and we definitely want to inspire and encourage and motivate people to really connect with the inside, more so than the outside. I think that the projects that both Steph and I worked on and will continue to work on will definitely propel growth in the people. That’s the goal. That’s the vision, that’s something that me personally, I am so passionate about. And on the website, you’ll see things like writing, I love that sort of genre with it. With it be the body, with it be the content creating, with it be speaking with people or doing personal development sessions. For me that line of work definitely resignates that passion and purpose within me. In the work we are doing. And it brings great joy.

Steph: And yeah. In terms of the podcast, you know. Desmore brought the idea to me coz she has her own brand, desmorenero.com website. And she came to me and she was like I really do this podcast you know, like interview style and do you want to come on as producer? And I was like; yeah okay that would be cool. We didn’t really have a direction for what we want to take it at first. You know, we just need we want to interview people and sort of use inspirational stories, that sort of things. But you know, talking to people who have done their own podcast, you know, they were really like “what is this show?” you know. You just can’t be interviews. You need to have “gimmick” like what is the show going to bring to someone.

Desmore: Exactly.

Steph: So we like, okay. Well, we started talking about success. We had this conversation multiple times. What is success to us? And why is success always limited to fame and fortune? You know. That’s what people see success as. And so we were like okay, what about we do something like Our definition of success? And get other people on board and find out what their definition of success is. And just broaden the conversation about what success really means and what can be.

Michele: How long have you guys been together? When did the podcast launch?

Steph: We launched the first episode in late March, I believe. So hasn’t been going too long but it’s definitely picking up speed now which is great.

Desmore: Definitely. We are so excited in the office. We are like “oh my God, resignating with people” And people are getting it. And when people come up to you so much as on the website and the comments “oh my gosh, this is helping me crack the code on what success means to me. Success on external is not the only, I guess, thing to strive. It’s internal. And Steph and I get so excited when people do that. And they go “I’ve listened to this podcast show and it’s really encouraged me to define my own definition of success.” And I was like, “yep that’s what this is all about.”

Steph: We are learning so much as well. You know we get to install to someone brand new in a different field. And everyone we speak to, we take away something new.

Desmore: Oh we do. We called it “The School of Life”. Like I go, being international and having travelled, I feel like this is our passport. Every week we rock up to the studio and we like, “so where are we flying to this week?” and where will be going, no one knows but it’s fun. So let’s just do it. And you know, every guest we had on so far has brought their own story and their own definition of success. And we actually sometimes, I’m used to interviewing people, I was literally no …..??? I maybe loss my self, I’m thinking. That’s when you sort of realized that you are in the best spot ever. Ever. You know, you can’t put a prize or feel to just growing every week. And just learning from others. It’s just the best place to be.

Michele: I know that every time I interview someone, like you said, there’s always something, something that I take away personally that I’ve learned. But not only that, I seemed to pick up on everybody’s enthusiasm and every time I am doing interview and I always walk away a little bit more re-energized and excited.

Steph: Yeah. You know you are in the right path. I always said, I don’t like a need for validation from others. But it’s nice to have for people to see what you’re doing, to hear what you’re doing. And I’d be like, yeah. There’s a place for that in the world. That’s really cool. I was like cool, people are getting what we are trying to do. That’s good.

Michele: That’s it. So I’m actually a little bit blown away when you said you’ve only launched it in March because I look at you two as leading the charge for women podcasts here in Australia. So I’d love to get…..well I do, you do such a wonderful job. I want to pick your brain. So we were talking before the interview about how we feel that Australia is a bit behind in podcasting. When it comes to other countries, more specifically the United States. And there are still people I mentioned to you guys that some people would ask what I do with Dynamic Business Women and podcasting and is one of them and I get sort of that look, pod-a-what?

Steph: They try and understand but they don’t quite get it. I try and explain it as Australia’s finally starting to catch up with streaming TV and video on demand services. I’d like to think of it, podcasting, as for that like radio? You get to hear these conversations, these interviews and all that sort of stuff. But when you want to listen to it, you are not a slave to the radios timetable.

Desmore: and you have the power to create your own content. And it’s such an exciting time for people both in Australia and across the globe to be able to create your content with any…without having to be gappened by media hastened. You can’t say this and you can’t say that. Or we are not doing that sort of show because that doesn’t work with our listeners or viewers. You now have the power to create your own content and how amazing is it to be in this time and space of creation. Coming back to the podcast question that you had, I agree with you Michele. In Australia, people don’t have to be coffined on to what it is. I mean I spoke with a friend of mine that’s a journalist. And Rumba has saying, what is a podcast? And I just sort of the penny just drop my throat. Okay, we have so much to learn about what podcasting is. And yet in America, podcasting is just such a phenomenon that they…it’s huge business in America. And I just think we have a long way to go….We are getting there.

Steph. Yeah, we are getting there.

Michele: Slowly but surely.

Steph: That’s it. Just going to keep going at it. Just trying to get more people aware what it is.

Desmore: I was thinking this the other day and I have a website. And you know, I was thinking and I really don’t understand and comprehend what podcasting is. And a great way to introduce the concept of podcasting into your brand or into your project or what you’re doing would be to have it as added benefit to what you are already doing. So look at your website and what you’re doing. It’s a great add-on and it gives your more credibility for people to say, “Oh, she’s doing this…” and with that, it formulates part of the holistic picture. And there will come a time that where podcasting is going to be standing on its own. I have a feeling that it will definitely get there. But if you look at radios today, most radio stations now have it’s own podcast as an addition to their existing show.

Michele: Yes. It does take me to my next question. Because a lot of people I think, thinking of podcasting perhaps is just another form of social media platform that perhaps needs to go on. A lot of podcasters in the States, like you said, they are just doing podcasting and they are monetizing their podcast.

Desmore: Big time! Big time!! Massive.

Michele: And they are doing well, Yeah. So, what’s your experience with that? What are some ways that people can perhaps look at if they wanting to start a podcast, you know, how can they actually make money from it?

Steph: Well, I think we are in the same.. we are in the verge of the moment, you know, we’ve been doing this for 4 months or something and you know, we are starting to pose those questions to ourselves you know. We’ve got a bit of a following. We’ve got amazing guests so far. How are going to turn this into a money making venture.

Desmore: There is a market for that. It comes down to the numbers. I’ve have had the honour of speaking with some business people.  And when I don’t know something I like to outsource that to people who know more than me. The only, I guess, challenges in Australia is that there isn’t that many leading podcast, money-making entities yet to go. How did you do that? Coz it’s still growing, it’s still very new in Australia. Having said that, it’s all about the numbers game. Hence the fact I said before, it’s great as an addition to a website or it just doesn’t have that ommph to do its on its own. But to get advertisers, you need to be able to show the numbers. It’s all about the numbers.

Steph: Luckily it’s fairly cost-effective. Podcasting. You don’t need a lot of money to actually make it. But in terms of hosting, we’re lucky that we’ve been able to use Desmore’s website as a platform to distribute the podcast. We’ve been lucky enough to know people who have podcasting equipment and they’ve been super awesome enough to let us use that equipment free of charge at the moment. But we are going to get to that stage where we are going to have to pay for the equipment and we are going to have to pay for a separate website just for the podcast, that sort of things. We’ve been trying to brainstorm some ideas about how we could make a profit like advertising, that sort of things. But with advertising, you’re not going to be able to go to any company unless you have the numbers.

Desmore: It’s all about the numbers. Steph and I we speak about this all the time. At the moment, I mean, we have to give a big shout out to our media partner, 31 Digital, which I use, their studios on a weekly basis. And you know, we’ve been very blessed to collaborate with people where we can execute our vision and our projects. So we’ve been very blessed in that way. But coming back to monetizing the idea as we spoke about it before Michele. In America, it’s huge! If we could take some of their strategies, profitable strategies, that would be excellent. But you need a phenomenon like in American podcasting is huge and is more so accepted. Because it’s just becoming one of the popular media streaming.  And the series of popular media streams. In Australia, we still have that question pose to us, “what is a podcast, Desmore? I don’t really know what it is”.

Steph: So really it’s our job to introduce a wider audience to podcasting and what it can do.  Once we get that audience space up, then we can approach companies or businesses or just like you know.

Desmore: Like minded brand.

Steph: And so we have this product, would you like to collaborate? And make a financial deal with this sort of thing.

Desmore:  With anything, when you go in anything when your project is self-funded, you do need to make a return of investment as a businessperson.

Michele: Now, one of the things that you guys actually asked me on the interview and I’m actually going to turn it around and ask you guys because I think it’s a really good question. And you’d actually got me thinking more and more about it even a couple of days after we spoke. And that is, what is your definition of success?

Desmore: That question sounds familiar. Asked on a weekly basis.

Michele: It is such a thought-provoking question.

Steph: And that’s what we want to do with the podcast is, thought provoking. Get people thinking about what their definition of success is.

Desmore: okay Steph, what is your definition of success?

Steph: So I guess, comes constantly changes really. I guess it comes down to getting to a stage in your life or achieving where you finally say, I’m content with where I am in life, what I’ve done, and this is where I want to be, this is where I want to end up. I’m good with this. For me it’s internal. When I graduated at uni, I used to live things you know you go to high school then you go to uni then you get a full time job, then you do this. That step-by-step guide to life. But it wasn’t until I graduated at uni that I started thinking, Okay things don’t just happen now. Go make it happen or you just stay and don’t do anything. So it’s just doing what feels right for you and what you love doing. Just try to make something thought provoking. I’m all about immersion provoking and thought provoking. So if I can work on stuff that thing that adds up. I’m pretty happy.

Desmore: I’ve been working most of my life and I’ve always been on adrenaline like what’s the next thing, what’s the next high. I can often over-work myself if that’s putting it lightly. As a person with big dreams, big goals who always working whether you’re sleeping and your head is still alive. I want to do this and I want to do that. But I just come a point in my life now where I’m 33, I have gorgeous husband, beautiful 7-year old. I’ve been working really hard all my life. I think I just want to enjoy and be present and be conscious and live in the moment and be happy. Someone said something very powerful, “you can’t get use the day back, and you can’t over plan for tomorrow because you don’t know what tomorrow will look like. But you can live in the moment and be present and be conscious and enjoy every second of what you’re doing now.” And I think that would definitely be my definition of success.  Just living the consciously and enjoying everything that I have without feeling like I need to chase the next high all the time.

Michele: Wonderfully said.  What is the next 12 months hold for you two.

Desmore: Simple. Making the podcast massive. Influencing people. Being a pioneer.  Believing in the pack.

Steph: Don’t pack the 12 months too much. This is how it runs, Desmore would jump about10 feet down the track and I’m like, come back, come back.

Desmore: She’s my brake.

Steph: But then you need that someone who does look into the future because otherwise, I will be stuck in the present and be like “okay, I don’t know how I am going to get there”. It’s really just growing the podcast, growing out audience. Introducing more people to what we are trying to do and hopefully in that time, make some money out of this as well and see how that goes. I mean podcasting we have talked a lot about it. It can be difficult but really, if you have something to say, it is such an accessible way to say that something. You can get your phone, your mobile phone, go out, record a conversation with someone or your self and chuck it up in Sound cloud and it’s there for the entire world to hear that something.

Desmore: And to grow. Absolutely growth. I was thinking about this the other way as well. It’s an excellent platform to have the freedom of expression. Now I am not a conformist. I certainly don’t follow trends or what needs to be done or what needs demanded from me. This is a perfect platform to really put the work out there that we want to see in the world and not sit back and say, “I wish someone could do this” or “I wish someone could start a show that does that”. Like with us, there’s no “I wish” It’s like “Okay we can do this, let’s do this.”

Michele: And you guys, you are the dynamic duo. I can hear it, the enthusiasm. In the conversation I can see how you guys are complete opposite. The Yin and the Yang that fit perfectly. So final question, can you tell our audience that want to reach out, where can they find you?

Steph: We are on Twitter and Facebook at the moment; just type “Our definition of success”. Email address: ourdefinitionofsuccess@gmail.com Website: desmorenero.com