New Facebook app that you have to have…

Have I told you how much I love Facebook Groups?

When I was first starting out in business and had little money to invest in marketing, I found one of the most effective ways of getting my name and business out there was to participate in the conversation of these groups.

Whenever someone would post a question relating to social media I would quite happily share my knowledge and offer advise, and I very quickly picked up ALOT of new clients this way because I was gaining trust by not being ‘sales’ but by genuinely wanting to help people understand social media and how it works.

Strategic online networking in the right groups can give you amazing business exposure, however when you’re a member of a number of groups (like me) it can get a little hard to manage (you can’t be everywhere at once!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.43.25 pmThat’s why I was so excited to learn that last week Facebook announced a new app (don’t roll your eyes, this one is a keeper!) called the Facebook Groups App.

This new app will allow you to create, join, share and search for groups based around common interests or events – anything from mothers groups to thermomix cooking recipes groups!

Groups can be open to the public (anyone can view, join and participate), closed (you need to submit a request to join), or “secret” (you can’t find the groups in search and it is by invitation only). Group members can post, like and comment within the group, very similar to the way they interact with a Facebook page or profile.

Facebook Groups product manager Shirley Sun said the functionality of the app was similar to using Groups on the main Facebook platform but with an improved user experience.

Targeting ads to specific interest groups could be a money-spinner for Facebook.

When you download the app round icons are displayed – similar to those seen in Facebook Messenger, and represent each group that you are currently a member of.

I love how I can simply rearrange the order of my groups by holding and dragging them around the screen, just like moving app icons on the home screen of a smartphone.

This enables me to add the groups I’m most active in, to the top of my screen for easy access.

One cool enhancement is the ability to add individual group icons to your phone’s home screen, and to customise which groups trigger push notifications (alerts) on your phone when updated (but think twice before doing this is you are in active groups, otherwise your phone will be constantly pushing out notifications)

So what do I think about this new app? I LOVE it and highly recommend it for those who are active group members, and if you’re not involved in Facebook groups then try it out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

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Are you a member of an awesome Facebook group? If so share it with us in the comments section below so we can all become a part of an amazing tribe