Networking is the single most powerful marketing tactic

NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! – Adam Small

This weekend I caught up with fellow Dynamic Business Women and female entrepreneurs Min and Sophie. Prior to this weekend we had never ‘physically’ met each other but we had connected origionally via Marie Forleos B-School Facebook group (we B-Schoolers are a supportive bunch!)

The three of us soon discovered that we all share the same warped sense of humour as well as a passion for business, teaching, learning and that entrepreneurial drive.

It wasn’t long before we would hook up on Skype (as we are all based in different states) on a regular basis and mastermind together about our businesses, brainstorm ideas, share strategies, push each other and support each other when needed.

Last weekend we were finally able to get together and actually met in person. We spent a wonderful weekend here in my home in the Southern Highlands.

Sophie, Me and Min
PJ Masterminding

It was like we had known each other all our lives…

Despite all the activities we had planned neither of us went anywhere without a notebook because we quickly learnt that together as a group we were ‘nutting out’ a lot of future goals and strategies for our businesses.

Someone would casually make a comment about an idea they had but hadn’t quite been able to map it all out, and the other two would come up with suggestions, next thing you know we’ve not only come up with a solution but we had all worked together to map out the strategies step by step including worked out all the tools needed to take action and make it happen.

Not only has this weekend made me feel more inspired about my business, but it also made me feel re-energised, invigorated and more focused so stay tuned for some exciting changes with DBW coming your way (and an extra thank you to Sophie and Min for your inspirations!)

Even if you are an introvert, a hermit, and living in the country (like me!) networking and connecting with like minded women can help you grow your business, as it’s all about:

  • making connections
  • building mutually beneficial relationships
  • brainstorming
  • inspiring each other
  • creating joint ventures
  • supporting one another
  • learning from one another
  • introducing yourself to possible new clients and customers
  • etc…

Basically networking is critical for you and your business

Successful women in business know that the lifeblood of their success is found in making these right connections. Whether its for potential business alliances, sales, marketing, or just to escape the loneliness of being a solopreneur, making connections is vital for business growth.

You don’t have to attend live networking events all the time to be able to make these great connections.

In fact I highly recommend online networking!

Three great ways you can can connect and meet like-minded connections via online groups (and I personally use these) are;

Just get in there, introduce yourself and get the conversation happening by asking questions, being helpful, taking interest (really, it’s no different from real life), comment on other peoples posts (event if its just a “great post!” or a “well done! you rock!” kind of post).

You might be surprised at how well it works, let me give you an example.

During a strategy session with with a client I was explaining to her the benefits of being active in Facebook groups, being seen, sharing advise etc and one of her action plans was to find a group she could resonate with, join and be active. Within two weeks she had not only picked up a new customer but also picked up a large job for her contractor husband

All it took was a couple of posts, how easy was that!

If you are using networking to grow your business comment below and tell us more about how it’s working for you and what you have gained from it.

To Your Success!

Michele Elmas-Hardy