Why You Need to Let Go Of Some Friends and Make New Ones When Starting Your Online Business

One day, I saw this quote on Instagram, and it rang so true:

“You want to know who your friends are? Start your own business and ask for their support.”

As I started my Entrepreneurial journey, I learned a lot about friendships and found 2 kinds of friends whom you may have to let go of if you want to be more successful as you start your online business.

Reason #1: The ones who have too much influence on you

Six months before I took the decision to quit my corporate job to start an online business, I had a “break up” with my American best friend of 6 years (I’ve been traveling to different countries in 15 years, so 6 years is super long for me). It was difficult at that time because she had a lot of influence on me.

However, I now see that our “breakup” was a blessing.

I started to live a healthier lifestyle, did yoga training, and left the country to start my online business from the Caribbean beach of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. She, on the other hand, met a new guy with whom she began her dream family.

I realized that by parting ways, we made room for each other to grow in character. I would probably not have had the courage to leave my job and the country if I still had my friend.

As I started my online business and needed to find my voice to stand out online, I had to take off all the veils and social influences to get down to the core of what I desire. Our “breakup” was about values, and it had shaken me to redefine myself and what I stand for, which was extremely beneficial later on when I started my business.

However, just like me, you might only connect the dots after time has passed.

Reason #2: The ones who secretly (or openly) rejoice in your struggle

Three months after I arrived in Mexico, I still wasn’t sure what business to start. I was taking the time to think for myself.

A friend came to visit me, and as we were sitting on the beach, sipping on a mojito with the moon reflecting on the ocean and the salsa music playing, she asked me if my decision to quit my job and move was as paradisiac as it sounded.

I opened up to her and confessed that it was not all sunshine and rainbows every day, and that sometimes I was wondering if I didn’t make a mistake.

To that, she replied: “Oh, great! I’m glad to know it’s not.”

When you make such a bold move in your life, a lot of people will be jealous and compare themselves to you. If you succeed, it will send them back to their own power and choice of having the life they desire. By you failing, it comforts them that they have made the right choice.

It’s not you. It’s about the reminder of how they are idle in their own lives. Do you want to keep a friend who only wants your failure? Nope, me neither.

4 ways to find new friends who’ll fit in the life you desire

#1: Define your life values and philosophy
As I started my business, I started reading books about wealth consciousness. It definitely led me to a different mindset.

Now, I only choose to have friends who have the same mindset because I don’t have the luxury of one negative thought or complaint that could ruin my business.

By engaging in conversations with people and asking their opinion on the fundamentals of your values and mindset, you can quickly see if they have the same.

#2: Pick your self-care routine and a hobby and find your “partner in crime”
When you start your online business, it is critical to have a self-care routine or time for yourself to recharge your batteries, open up your creativity, and keep a healthy work-life balance.

Want to hit the gym? Find an accountability partner. Bookworm? I love when my friends send to me book recommendations and websites that could help me.

Set your weekly schedule and GO!

#3: Participate in local events like meetups
When I arrived in Mexico, I discovered a meetup about personal development. Every Tuesday, people would meet and debate various topics.

I loved the intellectual stimulation and found this to be an excellent venue to make great friends who were happy to have deep conversations about life or great brainstorming about business. We all wanted to develop ourselves as individuals, and many were very inspiring mentors.

#4: Find Facebook groups for online entrepreneurs
As an online entrepreneur, a lot of my friends are online too. I found them in FB groups, and as we were participating in the community, we “friended” each other. Then we decided to connect through skype to know each other better, and a great online friendship was born.

Did you ever have to let go of friends (or do you think you need to do it now?) How did you find new friends after starting your business? Feel free to comment below to add to the discussion!



About Your Guest Blogger: Gaelle is a Freedom & Business Coach who helps women unfulfilled in their career to create an online business that’s the sum of their passions and allows them to travel and turn their bucket list into reality. She enjoys her life between the USA, Mexico, and France and shares her expertise and business strategies that you can grab in her free FB community called Finding Yourself Abroad – Create your Online Business