Learning to love rollercoasters minute by minute

Emotional Rollercoaster


a situation or experience that alternates between making you feel excited, exhilarated, or happy and making you feel saddisappointed, or desperate 

I have always tried to keep my life drama free as much as I can and I am actually rather proud of that.  Strangely, I think a few of my ex-partners found this quite annoying. I’ve even had a couple of friends say to me ‘but surely you’d like just a little bit in your life?’.

The answer is absolutely not.

Just over 2 years ago I ended a 15 year career as a Money Broker. I spent those years working on a dealing floor full of all sorts of personalities, egos and often situations that went from bad to catastrophic in a matter of seconds – more drama than you can shake a stick at.

The reason I like to keep dramas, big or small, out of my life is because frankly, I can’t bear the emotional roller coaster that goes with it. One minute loving life and the next one little shift causes major problems that could frankly have been avoided.  I’ve had enough of it in the past to know that I like to keep my emotions on a rather more even keel.  Could possibly be the good old British stiff upper lip.

However. I then started my own business.

For the sake of politeness, I won’t go into the first words that come to mind. But let’s just say you have been warned.

The emotional roller coaster I am currently riding is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s truly eye-opening. Daily, I am using every single part of my strength not to go running back to that seemingly comfortable corporate job and listen to people literally fighting over staplers whilst getting paid a silly salary to do so.

And it’s on your mind all the time too. You can’t get away from it no matter how many business coaches or family members tell you that you have to have a break, you’ve got to take time out, you need to switch off & recharge. Personally, I find that utterly impossible and quite ridiculous.

I care so much about what I am doing and creating that 99.99% of the time I don’t even want to switch off. I don’t want to neglect my baby and leave it in the corner while I meditate. I want to be with it making sure it’s ok, helping it grow and become a beautiful, blooming real life version of my dream.

I feel pride when I look at what I’ve built, by myself when everyone said I was crazy.

The emotions I am feeling minute by minute are because I actually care. My business is my world right now and no matter how many crazy messed up emotions and situations come my way I’ll handle them.  I know this because they do. And I do.

Every day of having your own business makes you stronger, tougher and far more equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you. Every day of this makes me realize in that, what seems like the far distant past, what I now call Part I of my life, I was just existing to work for someone else who paid me so I could save up to possibly do some fun stuff in the future.

And I am not going back to that anytime soon that’s for sure.

So I’m learning to love that goddamn roller coaster and you know what, once you’ve ridden it for a little while it turns out it’s kinda fun.

About Your Guest Blogger: Tiffany Jade Benn is a former Money Broker turned home decor specialist who’s online store stocks over 1,500 purely Australian designed products for your home, shipping worldwide. Her guiding vision of the business is to have a positive impact on others and she is achieving this by encouraging & enabling small Australian designers to show their amazing designs to a worldwide audience.