Lead Generation – The Free & Easy Way!

Lead Generation. Does that phrase make you break into a cold sweat, or are you staring blankly at your computer screen – ‘lead what? What do I need that for?’ They’re the two normal reactions I get when I start talking Led Gen with Lady Bosses but by the end of this article, you’ll be rubbing your hands in glee with a simplified lead generation system that works for your business!

Let’s start at the start – Lead Generation – what is it?

Put simply, because that’s my favourite way to put things, it’s how you can bring consistent new potential clients into your business. AKA – how to have more conversations with people who want to work with you.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get rid of the cold sweats.

Lead Generation is often thought of as expensive. Which it absolutely can be without solid foundations in place and that’s what we’ll cover today, specifically using online platforms and using no $0 at all.

The foundations are:

  • Knowing where your ideal client is and being there
  • Building rapport by giving value
  • Encouraging your ideal clients into your own space

Finding your Perfect Client

When I say ‘Perfect Client’ does an image of your ideal client spring to mind easily? If not, we’ll need to take a little step back for a moment. If it does, jump over to the next paragraph.

I bang on about ideal clients all the time and the reason for that is simple, they are the cornerstone of every successful marketing program. Period. To uncover your ideal client the process is REALLY simple – look back through the client’s you’ve worked with to date and pick one or two of those who were an absolute pleasure; who you would welcome x 100 into your business and be joyful. Now have a think about what makes them so perfect, and write a list out. Most importantly, write a list of what their biggest pain points are. If you have a list of 10-12 of these, you’ll find marketing incredibly easy!

Right, back to the lead gen!

What spaces online, does your ideal client hang out? Are they on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn? In those places, do they hang out in Private Groups, or on Pages? If you think about your ideal client, what do they read or watch, who do they listen to? Who do they admire? These questions will give you clues as to where they are spending their time online. Do a little research and come up with 2 – 3 places you can find where they’re hanging out and go in and start listening.

Handy Hint: After doing this process with around 200-300 LadyBosses, I’m yet to find someone who hasn’t found their target market in Facebook Groups. In 2017 (and for the foreseeable future) they are THE place to hang out online. From here, I’ll use Facebook Groups as an example, however, it’s the same for other platforms.

Find 2 – 3 places your ideal client is spending their time and join them.

Build Rapport FAST by Giving Value
Have you ever been to a networking event and as soon as someone is introduced to you, they’re handing you their business card and telling you all about what they do and why you should work for them? Ick!!

That’s exactly what selling straight into Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups or pages is in the digital world. Don’t do it. Ever. To build rapport quickly all you need to do is give value. So, what does that look like?

To give value in groups follow this simple process:

  • When you first enter the group, introduce who you are and how you serve your clients, plus share a personal anecdote. Be honest, real and don’t link to anything outside of the space you’re in. Do share a photo of you doing what you love, so people can put a face to the name.
  • Each day, spend 10 minutes in each group looking at posts and seeing where you can give true value. Ask yourself, how can I serve this person? Answer questions offer insights and expertise. Again, don’t link to anything outside of the group until you’re specifically asked (this will be sooner than you think).
  • In line with the group rules, share a post every day. This can be helpful tips in your area of expertise, freebies (we’ll talk more on these!), questions that get your audience thinking about what you offer in a different light; or stories of what you’ve faced in the past and overcome both personally and professionally – as people buy from people.
  • The final thing to do is to listen. Make notes on what keeps coming up regularly – what is giving your ideal client grief that you can solve? What words and language do they use often? When you repeat these words back to your own writing, you will build rapport faster than you ever have before!

Action: Follow the 4 steps above for just 2 weeks and watch the traction you build quickly.

Encourage your Ideal Clients into your own Space
Within a very short space of time of using this method (usually within 10 days) you’ll see people responding to you positively and recognising your area of expertise. You have built the trust you need in your ideal client, so you can now encourage them into your business. This ‘encouragement’ is my less masculine term for lead generation.

I spoke earlier of knowing your perfect client’s pain points and also listening within the groups to hone in on them. These pain points are your key to encouragement – solve a pain point and you will generate leads. Look at your ideal client’s list of pain points and pick one that has many layers to solve. For example, they could take a simple action and it could resolve some of the pain (which may be enough for some people) or, they can continue down the path with you and you can solve ALL of the pain with your core services.

For example, if you are a Birth Coach – a pain point for the Mother-to-be would be fear of a horrible birthing experience. A first step to solving that problem could be to offer calming meditations – a small solution to solve some of the pain. With this example, it’s easy to see how you could continue to work with them on this pain point by offering your core services such as pre-natal birth coaching.

Have a think about what sort of thing you could offer for free to solve your ideal client’s pain point in exchange for an email address. It could be a checklist; an eBook; a template; an audio file; a video – the options are endless. I highly recommend it be information / digital based rather than physical for logistical purposes!

Once you have your offer sorted out, all you need to create is a way for someone to say – Yes! I want it – and then deliver it to them. It could be as simple as a MailChimp sign up form and an automatic email sent.

Action Steps: Create a freebie – an offer that begins to solve a pain point for your ideal client. Create a sign-up form and an automated email to deliver that offer.

Once that’s done, you simply offer it within the groups (when the group rules allow). It’s really that easy and $0 are spent! You have created a lead generation system – without any of the unnecessary fluff. Just continue to show up in your groups and give value and you’ll see the response start slowly at first, and then grow.

In the interest of taking imperfect action and no overwhelm, here’s your action steps again:

  • Find 2 – 3 places your ideal clients hand out and join them
  • Spend 2 weeks giving value in those places by asking ‘how can I serve this person’ as you post. Keep a list of common phrases and problems.
  • Create a freebie, that addresses a common pain point for your ideal client in a simple manner.
  • Create a sign-up form and an automated email to deliver the freebie.
  • Offer the freebie in the spaces your ideal client hangs out.

Enjoy giving value and watching the leads roll in!



About Your Guest Blogger:  Jessica Gwynne, by her own admission, is not Remarkable. She is also not a guru. She is, however, an adventurer and a seeker. For the most part, she seeks marketing and business systems and business strategies. When she understands them, she tests them and if they work, she simplifies them and shares it with her community. Only when they work. And nothing works forever, so she continues to seek.