Free Online Tools That Every Women Entrepreneur Needs

Key Free Online Tools that every women entrepreneur should use to market her business

Most woman entrepreneurs after developing a content marketing strategy, the backbone for most start-ups success, realizes the enormous amount of efforts to put ahead for their ventures while thinking about their limited financial resources. In my own case I must admit it freaked me out, especially because I would have to do all by myself at the beginning of my entrepreneurial life, but luckily, I could rely on key digital marketing tools that made my life easier than I thought without investing a single penny.

There are plenty of online tools out there, and here I am listing the key ones that let me carry on with my own lifestyle, which means caring for my family and friends while keeping my business at the top of the wave.


My favorite entrepreneurs tool when it comes to Social Media management, their free version allows you to sync three accounts. Hootsuite allows you execute your social media marketing strategy literally from your smartphone. You develop posts and schedule them as needed, and interact with others directly from their app or website.

I really like the fact that the tool helps you out to determine the best times for postings according to how active your audience is. In simple words, I don’t need to wake up at 3 am to post on Twitter to target a market that is active on the other side of the world while I am sleeping.


As English isn’t my first language and because I need to write a bunch of different texts each week, the Grammarly tool, which is my last discovery, has allowed me to improve emails I write, blog posts and text on my website. All this with the free version, for which there is a plugin that can be installed in Chrome, which is constantly monitoring my writing.


Another favourite entrepreneurs tool is Canva. Visually attractive content on your website is a must these days. Businesses need to show a professional and credible appearance, so potential customers stick like glue to your website and convert. With Canva I had created booklets, banners to be used in different social media channels, striking blog post images with text and even business cards. Their stock of templates, fonts, and illustrations plus the intuitive drag and drop functions allow anyone to create the most amazing visual content.


This is the most underrated online tool that entrepreneurs disregard when it comes to marketing their business. It is true that Ahrefs is considered an SEO tool, however, it offers the possibility to monitor mentions and keywords per country, which I use to comment and engage with influencers. This saves me a ton of time of weekly online research.


Imagine yourself receiving 50 messages from prospective clients at a time, when you are a solo business entrepreneur. Chattypeople is an excellent solution to that problem, as it will answer queries automatically and allow you to intervene, via Facebook Messenger to push customers through the sales funnel.

Mailchimp and SumoMe

E-mail marking remains as an essential way to generate leads by moving consumers through a funnel for conversions. People who are interested in your business and who provide their email are allowing that intimate experience where you can show why you are the best in your industry.

Mailchimp free version effectively allows you to make that happen without you even noticing through their automated features.

However, collecting emails is not a feature supported by Mailchimp, and here it comes SumoMe with their pop-up windows that are easily customizable to lead potential customers into the right direction through the sales funnel, either for email collection or sharing your content online.

All in all, to date, those are the tools I am using and I happy to say that with their automated approach, my business is reaching its audience effectively without compromising quality, while giving me the chance to focus on other aspects, including my own life which I care a lot.




About Your Guest Blogger: Marina Manasyan is a woman entrepreneur, co-founder of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours