Is your business financially fit?

In today’s podcast I interview Melissa Browne, author and serial entrepreneur. She is CEO of the award-winning accounting and advisory firm A+TA (Accounting & Taxation Advantage), Director of Business at the long-day early learning school for 3-5 year olds, Thinkers.inq and co-CEO of The Money Barre, a financial planning business for Gen X. Three very different and yet three very similar businesses. All are pushing the boundaries in their fields, questioning what is possible and disrupting their industry in order to create the best possible results for their clients.

Melissa’s first book is the illustrated business book More Money for Shoes which compares building a business to building a wardrobe and shows you how to build a profitable, successful business. Her second book, Fabulous but Broke, is another illustrated book and uses financial fairy tales to challenge money messages that readers may have and question the notion that you need a fairy godmother or knight in shining armour to save you.

In this podcast you will learn;

  • What makes a financially fit business (and what makes a non-financially fit business)
  • How to stay accountable with your finances
  • What numbers you should be concentrating on for your business, and how often should you be looking at them
  • How to learn to love your numbers


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