How to Write a Killer Blog Post

Blogs posts can be tricky to write, and even further, attract an audience. You definitely need to have a game plan going into a post so that you can maximize your audience and profits. Follow these quick and easy guidelines to improving your blog.

1. What Does Your Audience Want?

Most people looking on blogs are looking to solve a problem. For example, they may be trying to learn more funky hairstyles, therefore searching for a blog post which serves their need. It’s helpful to know what kind of conflicts your potential readers are having so that you can target them for a higher return.

2. Create a General Title

Don’t spend too much time on your working title because you’ll be going back to edit it later. However, you need to make sure that your general title is concise and accurately describes the contents of your article. Continuing with the hairstyle example, you can name a post “Ten Cool Hairstyles.” This is concise and will keep you on track as you write your article.

3. Write With Personality!

Many readers aren’t attracted to blogs because of their scholarly and formal diction—they get enough of that at work. A lot of us read blogs to learn in a relaxed manner and to be entertained. You don’t need to be cracking as many jokes as Hamish and Andy (a little can go a long way,) but having a distinct voice definitely helps boost shares while making your reader more comfortable.

4. Tell a Story

No matter what they tell you, everyone loves a good story! Stories are on TV, in books, and plays. When you think about it, we are a society centered on experiences. Why not capitalize off of that? You don’t need to write a novel (save those for J.K. Rowling,) but be sure to clarify your message.

5. Provide Examples

If you’re ever describing something in a post and it gets too confusing or wordy, don’t hesitate to switch to a short example. Examples will refocus your reader and will clear up any misunderstandings. These are also a great opportunity to be creative and add a little humor to your post.

6. Remember the Call to Action

Okay, so you’ve delivered a solid argument and I’m sold on your idea. Thanks for the information, but what do I do now? A call to action, such as a link to your sales page, email list opt-in, is absolutely essential to getting the results you’re after.

7. Revisit Your Title

If you remember from step 2, our working title was “Ten Cool Hairstyles.” We can easily spruce this up by adding some buzz words. How about “Ten Cool Hairstyles Anyone Can Do?” This sparks interest while simultaneously being accurate clickbait. Keeping it under 65 characters is Google-friendly and beneficial to your SEO.

8. Review the Value

Each blog post represents the entirety of your blog. A good post means a click onto the homepage while a meaningless one results in the loss of a potential customer. If your blog post has no value, you’re essentially telling the reader that they don’t either.

9. Share, share, share!

Your articles won’t get anywhere if you don’t post them on any and all social media sites! Don’t shy away from any particular site, as you never know where your potential reader lies. Good luck!

We want to hear from you! What makes a blog post stand out for you either as a writer or a reader (Comment below)?

Author: Amy-Louise MacGregor -Digital Marketing Strategist, Mentor, Speaker & Intellectual Badass (geek). Teaching business owners & entrepreneurs how to leverage Social Media & Technology to create Social Media Chaos.