How To Stop Your Business Becoming a Crime Scene

Is your Business a Crime Scene?

Unfortunately many businesses are like the crime scenes we see on TV.  They are waiting to be investigated and need the same forensic attention in order to build a better business.

Business Owners, CEOs and Managers want simpler and more profitable businesses but sometimes they’re so busy with the day-to-day running of the business that they miss the key signs which can help them the most. Just like CSI’s at a crime scene, Tamara Simon follows the evidence and find the suspects in either the business, people and systems to find the areas costing them time and $$$.

As a BSI (Business Scene Investigator), she will reveal the 5 signs businesses are like crime scenes, the most common traps most businesses fall into, and practical tips Owners, CEOs and Managers can do immediately to ensure they have a simpler, profitable and more sustainable business.

In this 48min video you will learn:

  • Tips and tricks to work on your business as well as in your business
  • Why you need to have good business systems in place
  • and how to write simple business policies and procedures to ensure your business is sustainable

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