How To Post on Social Media Like A Pro

Using social media isn’t just about putting up a post every now and then and hoping someone will read it. To get your social media right and working for you, you need to be strategic, create a plan and create  systems.

THIS is what will separate you from the amateurs!

My two biggest Pro Tips for getting your social media content right is this;

1. You need to be checking and monitoring your analytics CONSTANTLY to find out what is working for you and what is not working. Revise them weekly and see which of your posts are getting the highest engagement (being likes, share and comments), and THIS will tell you what your audience (in other words your tribe) likes to see in their newsfeed.

2. You need to be automating your social media posts. For Facebook I recommend using their scheduler, or there are other free programs like Hootsuite that can schedule posts across multiple social media platforms.

So why should you schedule?  How often have you gone to Facebook to make a post and while you’re logged in you find yourself getting absorbed in reading other posts? Next thing you know you’ve just wasted an hour of your day where you could have been doing something more productive. It happens a lot yes? So by scheduling your actually removing distractions to be more pro-active in other parts of your business.

When creating your content for scheduling, ideally you want to have specific goals in mind with your tribe.

Some goals can be:

  1. You want to attract your tribe (followers)
  2. You want to be in the forefront of your tribes mind
  3. You want to educate people about you, your business, product or service
  4. You want to develop a ‘relationship’ with your tribe, a community, and a fan following
  5. You want to share your offerings
  6. You want to move them off your social media platforms and over to your website, and onto your mailing list

So what can you post on Social Media to be able to accomplish the above goals?

Every business is different but here are some suggestions:

  1. behind the scenes on the day to day runnings of your business
  2. photos and images of your products
  3. share advice, tips and How To’s that appeal to your target audience. You can do this either by text, or even better record a quick video and upload it directly to your social media site
  4. share articles your tribe would find interesting (even if they are not written by you – Sites like Facebook will reward the sharing of content, and I think you will find that by doing this your audience reach will be a lot higher)
  5. quote images (you can share other peoples or you can use free photo editing websites like Picmonkey to create your own quotes (don’t forget to include your website URL or logo at the bottom of your images if appropriate)
  6. images or posts about the results your product is producing for others
  7. testimonials from happy customers (either text or video)
  8. ask your tribe questions to find out better ways to serve them
  9. links to your own blog posts – current and previous ones. It’s OK to repurpose content because remember that not all of your audience would have seen the original post the first time
  10. come out from hiding behind your brand, show you and your personality by sharing part of your world.

My biggest tip of all is don’t get overwhelmed by social media, and don’t over think it. Just be consistent with your posts and authentic with your voice, and most of all have fun with it

Have Your Say!

I always love hearing from you! Tell me, do you schedule your social media posts? If so how often and what kind of posts are working well for your own social media?