How To Increase Your Email Opening Rates

Regardless of whether you send out your newsletters daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, it doesn’t matter. You’ve put all of this time into creating this fantastic and amazing content for your subscribers – but how will they know that if they don’t open your email?

What’s the first thing that people see when you send out your newsletter? It’s the headline. So, if you haven’t got an attention grabbing headline that tells people all the wonderful things that they can expect when they open up your email, then the whole thing is a waste of time because what are they going to do? They are going to hit that delete button and that is not what you want them to happen to do.

You can spend as much time as you like in creating great content, graphics, whatever– that headline if it doesn’t get their attention then it is a missed opportunity and you can’t get your message across.


So, one particular thing that I find is a big mistake when you’re creating a headline is to put a subject line along the lines of ‘This Week’s Newsletter’.  What is enticing about that?

If inside your newsletter you’re potentially talking about three to six different topics. You don’t want your email subject line to be a very general overall of what all those six topics are going to be. Ideally you want to pick one topic that is going to resonate with your readers and you want to turn that headline into something that is really going to capture their attention

Another tip that I have is you want to make sure that your email subject line is not a mini story, so try and keep them down about five and six attention grabbing words. Don’t make them two or three paragraphs. Don’t make them one long sentence because it’s going to get cut off. It’s not going to resonate. Pick five or six words that are going to pack a punch.

How do you find the headline that’s going to pack a punch?

Let your audience know exactly what’s inside to entice them enough to open it up your newsletter. Email platforms like (for example) AWeber have analytics and they allow you to split test. So let’s say you have a newsletter list of a thousand people. You can create two different headlines and split test it so that you send one newsletter off with one headline to say 500 people, and send the other newsletter off with a different headline to the other half of your list. You can monitor your opening rights and decide which one is going to be best. This will give you more clarity when deciding for future headlines.

So, what’s an email headline in the past that has attracted my attention?

Well, I always love a good ‘How-To” and I think that’s all about instant gratification so if somebody can show me how to do something – the very quick and easy way, I’m all over of that!.

The next one is seven tips to blah, blah, blah or Clean your house in three easy steps. For some reason, when there’s a number in front of it and the number usually is number 7, it always seems to really work. Why? I don’t know. It just does.

So, other headlines that always capture my attention are things that are a little bit left off the middle. Someone recently sent me an email the other day that read“Why my marketing is very much like squid?” Huh?  Well, I had to open it! I had to find out why her marketing was like a squid!

So, those are my tips. It’s all about testing measure, experiment, think of a newspaper headline, what captures your attention, read the headlines of magazines and newspapers, front liners etc. They are a great place to gain inspiration for ways of creating eye-catching headlines.