How To Get Your VIP Customer List

Lets talk about identifying your target customers…  Getting the kind of business you really want, and clearing out the time wasters.

What are the value and benefits of having the kind of customers you really want? I know from my own experience from running DBW that when I hit that ‘client sweet spot’ it feels like the universe aligned.

What can it mean to you when you get your VIP customer list;

  • they value your expertise and trust you
  • they like you and more importantly you like them (trust me this is far more rewarding than you may initially think)
  • they don’t argue about price
  • they pay on time (I especially like this one!)
  • they recommend you to other potential customers
  • they become repeat customers

Yeah you get the idea.

So what exactly should you have to do in order to create this VIP policy that will help you attract the kind of customers you really want?

Well…. I’m so glad you asked!

For DBW my ideal customers all have the following things in common:

They want to start, manage and grow their business. They have a vision, and ‘masterplan’, and they want to surround themselves with the right people who can help them get there.

They get shit done – these women make decisions and follow them through. Everyone has their own unique way of getting there, and some take longer than others… but in the end they all get it done.

They get excited by brainstorming ideas – my ideal customers love to throw ideas around, and look for reasons why they SHOULD do something – rather than reasons why they shouldn’t. They Mastermind, collaborate, and support one another.

They ‘get’ me and understand my style of doing things – I’m the first to admit that my approach is not everyone’s cup of tea (I know it’s shocking right?!), but when it works, it works well and my customers stay with me for a long time.

Think about what kind of people do you want to work with?

Your criteria will obviously be different from mine, so take some time out to sit down and work out what kind of customer you are looking for, and the traits they have in common.

I know the internet is awash with shouty marketing and sales gurus offering their version of creating a customer profile or avatar or whatever they choose to call it. The thing is, you need to find your own way through this – so here’s some of my thoughts on the kind of questions to ask when trying to identify the ideal customer.

  • Who do you like being around?
  • What kind of ethics/beliefs do they have?
  • What are their qualities or characteristics?
  • Who and where do they hang out?

Now that you’ve worked out the idea clients you want, let’s think about the clients you already have.

  1. Which clients/customers do you really like?
  2. What do they have in common?
  3. What makes them your favourite client/customer? Is it their sense of humour, their caring attitude, the fact that they pay promptly, or maybe its because they tell everyone about you and send you lots of other business?
  4. Which of your clients/customers do you say “I wish all my customers were like that”.

And lastly you need to dump the shit heads: yep, I said it!

You won’t attract your ideal customer if your wasting all your time on your ‘difficult’ clients. Identify what clients you don’t want. What are the characteristics of the kinds of customers you don’t want?

The shitty customers can drain you and make you feel bad, or the bad payers – those who always make you have to beg to get payment for your hard work or efforts.

Who should be on your dump list and why?

  • The ones who are rude, or continually complain.
  • Those who nit-pick over price to the point where you just feel exhausted by it – every transaction is a battle.
  • The ones who bore you to tears. You just can’t muster up any enthusiasm.
  • They frustrate you – you continually suggest, recommend, advice on what’s best for them and then they ignore you.
  • They push push push – always wanting more and more yet don’t want to pay for it.
  • The ones you just simply want to push off the edge of a cliff.

Clearing out your shitty customers it’s amazingly cathartic. Rather than spending time on something or someone you don’t like, or who’s a bad payer; put that energy into finding the positive lovely clients you really want.

I’d love to hear from you, comment below and tell me what action are you taking to create your own VIP list?