How To Get Your Message Across Every Time

How do you always get your message across and on-board that juicy new client or win customers over in the online world?

The best communicators are flexible, sincere and not afraid to share their honest journey – good, bad and otherwise. Where you share your message is part of being adaptable in the rapid-change landscape of doing business.

You say platform, I say forum, but whatever you label it, the way and place you share your messages and gain real influence are usually a mixture of traditional and social media, in-person settings, and through specific projects like this blog.

At the end of the day, one big rule applies. You must be playing where your customers or clients are likely to be – the ones that matter most.

Whether it be shiny new music streaming services or magazine mobile apps, over the past five years anyone and everyone has so many enticing options when it comes to choosing a message’s medium.

However, don’t be tempted to engage with them all. The flipside is that with more options comes more responsibility for brands. Marketers can no longer expect a clever radio tagline to reach the highly coveted ‘Millennial’ market, who rarely listen to traditional radio, whereas the Baby Boomers still do. The upside is that businesses and companies have to fairly regularly revaluate where they spend their resources, which means more importance is placed on tailoring each message to the marketplace.

Here are my top 3 areas to consider:

  1. 1. Shine a spotlight on your key audience

Who are you really trying to reach? There can only be one true key audience. This should be the most important factor when choosing a medium, and therefore should also be the most heavily researched. Customer personas or avatars for your target audience should be created and analysed, meaning you and your team should know everything from the first social site your audience visits to the hashtags they use. For example, if your target is comprised of tech-savvy early adopters working two jobs while in college, the traditional print medium may never reach them.

2. Crunch the numbers first

Creating a budget is pretty obvious, but it’s definitely worth being honest about. Acknowledge that just because your marketing budget is small, your chance to get significant results does not have to be. Instead of blowing your budget on a single TV spot or once-off event sponsorship in a local business centre, aim for continuous placements in the niche publications your audience visits or a run of targeted Facebook ads. Doing this will do wonders for your long-term results. Also, the advent of Google hangouts, YouTube channels, and networking events provide perfect, cost-effective ways to get heard.

3. Precision of the message

What exactly do you want to say to your target audience? Is it a message that will stand the test of time? Create a mission, purpose, and goals for your company or personal brand’s message, and then decide where that message, along with its mission, purpose, and goals, will best fit. Be specific, concise, and try to not get caught sharing too many trendy buzzwords that may date your message or distract from your point of difference.

Choosing the right medium for your message is different for everyone.

When trying to figure out which medium or platform is right for you, it’s not about what forums you like to read, watch, and hear – it’s about the customer.

To get personal, I had never been the star of a video in my life until I recorded my first episode of ‘How to be heard in business to generate real influence’ in 2015. I didn’t choose for that to be my medium because it’s not about me choosing. It’s about going into all of the mediums where my audience lives and then letting the market choose which one I am best at.

If you outsource, and the brief is right, trust that your creative team or content developers have worked hard to craft an engaging, authentic message that reflects what you offer and why it matters today.

My final take-out here is to hustle: to never let your message hide away from the audience. Get out there – blog, speak, comment and secure new business opportunities every chance you get.

About Your Guest Blogger: Amber Daines is a self-made CEO, trainer, author and media junkie who is a mother to two boys under 7 years of age. A former international TV and print journalist turned PR powerhouse, she has worked in communications for almost 20 years. She can be found at and