How To Get Interviewed For Podcasts

Ever wondered what is the best way to approach a Podcaster and pitch your story?

Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to be interviewed on a podcast show? Podcasts are HUGE right now and what better way to get your voice heard than becoming a podcast guest.

So how do you approach podcasters and ask to be on their show?

How do you pitch your story so that you stand out from everyone else?

As a podcaster myself I can confidently tell you that we are ALWAYS looking for interesting topics, interesting people to have on the show. Sadly, many entrepreneurs think that it is simply an inexpensive way to promote their products or services – and nothing will upset your interviewer more than if during your interview you sway the conversation and start to go into sales more… cheeeeeezy and off putting for EVERYONE!

Podcasting is a way to highlight your skill sets and present you to their audience as an expert i your field. Its a way to show off your personality, your knowledge and to educate the listeners so they are inspired to take action and hopefully connect with you once they have listened to the interview.

In this video I share with you tips on how you can get interviewed by Podcasters, and how to get them begging you to be on their show.

If you have an interesting story to tell and think you’re a good fit for our audience then I would love to hear from you! Simply click this link and submit your application to be a guest on the Dynamic Business Women’s Podcast