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How to deal with negative Facebook reviews

Let’s face it, at some stage you’re going to have an unhappy customer, but a bad review doesn’t have to mean disaster.Rather than instinctively hitting the panic button, stop and take a deep breath and follow some basic guidelines on how to deal with it.
1. Turn on your notifications

As soon as someone posts on your page you receive notification. I have my Facebook linked to my phone so that when a post is made on my page I know about it straight away. If this is not possible for you then you need to make sure you monitor your page regularly (or better yet elect a second person as your admin.

2. Respond quickly

Don’t allow the customer to wait for days for a response. Did you know that over 60% of customers expect a response within 24hrs!

3. Do NOT remove the negative review

I know, I know! This is going to be your initial reaction. Even if you are responding within minutes, the post has been seen by someone else. By deleting it you are sending out a very negative message which can be interpreted that you are not interested in your customer or providing customer support.

Remember… once the problem has been sorted and the customer is happy you can always ask them if they would consider removing the review, if that makes you uncomfortable you can always publicly respond to the post and let everyone know the issue has been sorted and everyone is happy.

4. Don’t air out your dirty laundry

It’s always best to take it offline – you don’t need to justify anything to the world, simply respond with something along the lines of “we are sorry you feel this way and we endeavour to work through this with you and will be immediately contacting you through direct message (or email or phone) to sort this out”… then make sure you follow it up! This gives you more options and provides the customer with a more personal touch and more importantly they know they are being heard.

5. Learn from the experience

I know that is can be very scary to receive negative feedback, however when you look at it is really such a bad thing? This kind of feedback allows you to see the loopholes in your service or product that can be improved on in the future.

Lastly, remember that you can not always please everyone. There are people out there that will never be satisfied, so if all else fails or they are abusive, hostile and wont take the problem offline to be dealt with, then you can (as a last resort) ban them from posting on your page.

Do what you can but then move on, learn from it and don’t let it ruin your day.

If you found this helpful I would love to hear your comments (in the comments section below) or hear how you dealt with a particular situation with an unhappy customer, or perhaps how you turned them around with amazing customer service



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