How To Create a Home Office That Inspires You

The workplace is an ever-evolving place and one of the key changes in recent years has been the rise of people working from home.  Whether this is in combination with a business workplace or their sole work space, there is an increasing demand for creating work spaces at home.  But how can you manage this and make the most of what you have?

Having a dedicated space

The first tip from anyone who works from home is don’t mix your workspace with your personal space – this often leads to stress and a lowering productivity rate.  This means having a dedicated space for work, which may be separate from the rest of the house if possible but should be completely dedicated to its purpose.  This means keeping away those distractions from your personal space – TV, game consoles or even your smartphone if it isn’t being used for work.

You can also use inspiration for boundaries to separate the room for temporary periods.  Say you work in your kitchen-dining room – then consider some kind of casual boundary between the rooms that you can put in place when you are working and take down when you aren’t.  Sometimes the boundaries aren’t physical but verbal – tell people when you are working and that they don’t come by for a casual chat. 

Getting the right equipment

Another important factor to consider in your home office is having the right equipment.  And by this, we aren’t talking about a nice new computer or laptop – we are talking about the seating you use, the desk you sit at, and the storage for your business equipment around you. 

You need to think a little like an office designer when you arrange your workspace.  So this means getting a good office chair that supports your back and gives you good posture.  You want a desk that is spacious enough to hold the things you use all the time and ensures you are using equipment in the right way – remember ergonomics! 

Pinterest is a good source of ideas when designing your work space and is a good excuse for a half an hour break for research purposes with a mug of coffee or your favourite drink.

Achieving balance

The idea of a beautiful view from your office window is a nice one but can be distracting.  If you find yourself concentrating on what’s going on at the bird feeder or what the strange neighbour across the street is doing rather than working, then the view may be a distraction.  So instead, face your desk to a wall and add either an attractive piece of artwork or something practical, such as a white board to detail your week or your goals.

Balance should also be achieved with the lighting in your room.  Natural light gives a boost but unfortunately can be something of a rare quantity at some times of the year.  So enjoy the natural light but keep plenty of lamps and strong lighting for the duller times.  Sometimes placing lamps around the room can create a softer glow that can suit some tastes.

The other features of the workspace

The workspace doesn’t need to be all practical.  Think about including a comfy space to relax and take a break with a coffee table for a few favourite magazines.  Add some greenery to make the room more hospitable and add oxygen to the room but go for plants that are low maintenance and don’t have a strong smell when flowering.

Consider things you don’t enjoy looking at and look for ways to hide them.  This might mean getting a mobile unit for the printer than can be under the desk when not in use and pulled out when in use.  Or ensure that all those irritating cables are hidden in cable tidy systems to stop your attention focusing on the mess they make rather than your work!


Creating a home work space allows you to be as selfish as you want.  You can create the room around your tastes without considering colleagues or customers and can ensure it suits your needs, your space and what you enjoy.  That way, going to work each day will be even more of a pleasure.

About your guest blogger:  Dawn is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and Speaker with over 15-years experience of working with B2B Consultants, Luxury Brands and Event Organisers across the globe. A passionate foodie she impressed judges on MasterChef UK with her Chocolate Orange fondant.