(How to) Become a Mindful Manifestor

You are doing your visualisation, setting goals and chanting your affirmations every day and you are not seeing the money turning up into your life to support the dream business and lifestyle you desire. The chances are your subconscious programming doesn’t align with your desire.

With the abysmal results you may even consider chucking it all in. Don’t give up just yet, instead take a step back, and before you set off on another manifestation trial become mindful of your emotions, triggers and actions.

We live in a fast-paced world, where we have millions of bits of information coming at us per second. Most of those messages portray that we never have enough and are never enough. We also find that even though we have gadgets to make life easier, we are lacking time and money to enjoy it to the fullest.

The problem is not that we don’t have enough. The problem is that we believe the message that there is a lack. We believe that if we don’t do something now, get something now, act some other way now then we will miss out.

Becoming a mindful manifestor is about becoming aware of what is going on around us, for us and within us, so that we can alter the emotions and beliefs that we currently hold true. That are holding us back right now.

The first step to do that is to unearth your current limiting beliefs. The easiest way to do this is by keeping a journal. Since most of the things that we want to manifest – the successful business, the luxury holiday, dream house, living debt free – require money, I like to take my journal to the next level by making it a journal of all your financial transactions.

As easy as this may sound, many people have a great challenge with this. Why? because money is still a taboo on some level, so I am finding that people dig their heads in the sand, by saying they are not motivated by money. The thing is if you want any of your goals, you’ll need it! As such you need to make friends with it and untangle that emotional knot around it so you can open the money flow.

So if you are ready to start manifesting your dreams in the near future, let’s get to work!

Start tracking your money

I always suggest manual means of tracking your transactions, even though there are plenty of apps out there. The reason for it is because we want to tap into the deep-seated emotions, which happens more when your hand-writing is connected to the brain.

What I need you to do is write down every single transaction that you make for the next week. Next to the date and the amount and what it was for, I need you to look at what emotions are arising? And most importantly what actions you are taking immediately afterward?

As an example:

Why do we want to know this kind of information?

Well because we are mindless spenders. We are trained in immediate gratification acting on impulses to help us feel better now.

In the long term we may want the dream house, but if in the current moment our actions contradict that we will not be able to attract our long-term goals into our lives. At least not until we change our behaviour.

Tracking the money alone will give you a great picture on where you are possibly overspending, sabotaging your long term goals! By adding the element of feelings and events as well you can identify what is triggering you into unnecessary spending. Once you know your triggers, you can choose different responses to them mindfully, because you are aware.

So next time you get excited because a client gave you a bonus, instead of rushing out to buy the Jimmy Choos, you can choose to put the money toward to the next thing on your vision board or goal book. And keep the excitement going longer as you see that goal getting closer and closer in to your reach.

Manifesting mindfully is not about some woo woo new age method. It’s simply becoming aware of yourself and consciously aligning your actions with your desires.

About Your Guest Blogger: I’m Orsolya Bartalis, co-author of Reboot Your Life, Every Entrepreneurs Guide, the Australian Property Book and founder of Unlimited Results. She studied business and personal finance before co-authoring the books and creating Unlimited Results to help others achieve their dreams. She can help you find your passion, win back your time, and master your finances. Will you join her? www.unlimited-results.com