How to be Fearless in Business

How to be Fearless in Business

Let’s face is – business is scary.

Investing your time and money is a risk. Taking on your competitors is daunting. And technology – it can be downright terrifying.

In the face of fear, backing yourself as an entrepreneur can feel impossible. But it is also imperative for business success.

Here’s how to shake off the shackles and be fearless in business.

Open up and spread the word

You have a business idea. It’s a good one….You think.

Every thought of it lights you up inside and makes you excited about what the future holds. But for whatever reason, you are too nervous to say it out loud.

I know this feeling. I was inspired by my own experience to create a social assistance business that helps women through life changing events. But after first forging my idea around seven years ago, it took me a long time – too long – to get overcome my fear of judgement and share it with others.

Once I started spreading the word, I forgot all about why I was so scared. The important people in my life were whole-heartedly supportive, and any criticism I received was constructive. All of it – the good, the slightly-less-enthusiastic, and the bad – allowed me to think about the business in ways that my mind wasn’t immediately open to. It allowed Clarity Road to become what it is today.

Opening up about your business isn’t just relevant to the ideas and development phases. The same goes for your marketing strategy as you approach launch. It’s never too soon to spread the word of a new business – start building hype now. Use social media to your advantage or put an offer in your local paper. It will help you to hit the ground running and create opportunities from day one.

Learn from your mistakes instead of pushing them under the rug

You know what – we’re all human.

This means that we each make mistakes every once in a while. Slipping up isn’t something to be embarrassed about, but embraced and learned from.

There’s no use persisting with a failing strategy because you are too proud to admit that it’s not working. Pay attention to your missteps and consider how you can avoid the problem next time.

Your ability to recognise your own faults and to act when something needs to change is often the key to sustained business success.

Put yourself out there

The business world doesn’t reward people who are afraid of being noticed. You need overcome your fear of the spotlight make a point of standing out from the crowd.

Make a bold new offer. Create an exciting new product. Sign up to support a fundraiser. Speak at a local event.

Some of these strategies can be intimidating. You might feel totally underqualified to be a guest speaker, or judge yourself unfit as an expert blogger.

Newsflash: everyone has to start somewhere. There is only one way to become a speaker or a blogger or anything in between – and that’s to start doing it!

Don’t be afraid to let your business evolve

You spent an eternity pouring over your business plan and nutting out how it would look in a year’s time. But now that you have started the ball rolling, you feel yourself being pulled in a different direction.

Try not to panic – continual evolution is practically a requirement for success in the digital era.

Don’t be afraid to revamp your business if that’s where your heart is leading you.

Just be sure to maintain a sense of continuity across your brand throughout your evolution.

This will mean that you keep the attention of your existing followers across the period of change.

It also means that you won’t lose sight of why you did this thang in the first place, allowing you to stay in touch with your original passion and purpose.

Stick to your guns

While businesses have the potential to grow and change, make sure that your business is evolving on your terms.

Being open to input is one thing – being brainwashed and steamrolled is another.

Take on feedback, but don’t allow the fears or opinions of others to shift you onto a path that you aren’t comfortable walking. You will dilute your original vision and feel disconnected from your ideas.

Sometimes being fearless means putting your foot down and sticking to your guns in the face of adversity. Hard work, persistence and patience will eventually pay off.

About Julie Rainbow

Julie Rainbow is the full-time Director of Clarity Road, a part-time business and marketing pro and spare-time Zumba dancer. In another life, Julie was the General Manager of a global IT company and serial meeting-a-holic. After starting her life from scratch almost a decade ago, Julie’s passion now lies in helping other women through life changing events like her own.