How Meditation Can Make You a Better Business Woman

Yup, you read that right.

Meditation can help you be better a better business woman and best of all; the wins are holistic – beneficial to your career and your insides.

Being a woman is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding but hard nevertheless. From performing the perfect balancing act of making sure the rest of the family is fed and taken care of to ensure your colleagues and boss at work are happy with your performance and that you’re not holding anyone back.

Basically, anything you can do to keep your internal and external health alongside your home and “everything else” life in attuned harmony is something all of us are going to be interested in, right?
Of course it is!

Massage & Meditation – the awesome “M” combo!

There has to be a reason Massage and Meditation start with the same letter magnificent does.

There is also a compelling reason massage is becoming increasingly popular in the work place.
Massage is assisting workplaces in a variety of ways including improving employee productivity levels through increased concentration, energy and mental clarity skills. It is also a perfect time to meditate which helps with reducing stress and anxiety – proven obstructions to having a fruitful work life.

There are a wide array of health benefits associated with the age old tradition of massage including numerous properties that work towards improving general wellbeing, some of which is better blood circulation, improved flexibility and mobility, quicker rehabilitation of muscular injuries and much more.

With the proven correlations of good health and increased employee productivity via numerous case studies and empirical evidence, there’s never been a better time to think of innovative ways of increasing your “me time” for a better, healthier life across all facets.

If you’re an employer, think about whether you can encourage better health in those who work for you. Your employees are precious to you and your business, the lifeblood of your financial and interpersonal future and frankly, if you’re not already thinking about boosting their health, you’re a little late to the party!

Boost your immunity to boost your pay check

They say experience is the best teacher we could ever have so it’s unlikely you’ll need any statistics on how being sick is sucks for your workday.

When your immunity is down in the pits, chances are you’re not at your optimum at your place of work.

Though the short-term effects of being sick are a lot clearer – missed days at work and diminishing sick days for the year, not to mention increased bills, wasted energy and time visiting your doctor, the long-term effects are often a lot longer lasting and detrimental to life in general.

Being absent from work doesn’t just diminish your quality of work and confidence in your abilities; it may often directly impact your relationship with much needed and close work colleagues as well as your immediate supervisors. Missing out on important meetings and deadlines is devastating to workplace relationships and we all know that saying, you’re as good as your relationships.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with everyone you work with and being present for significant deadlines and work events ensures that you foster your work life and relationships – that helpful much-needed prerequisite towards a prosperous future and that elusive career promotion we all salivate at the mouth for.

Use these Natural Remedies for a Confidence & an Immunity Power Shot

If this one’s got you scratching your head a little, just bear with me for a couple of moments.
Natural Products (like foods) contain a limited number of chemicals and harmful ingredients common conventional products do.

Skin is our largest organ so it makes sense that what we put on it has a significant impact.
The pores on our skin are directly linked to our blood stream which is why some of us blow up like blowfish if we come in contact with something our bodies naturally dispel (often termed as allergies).

This is Mother Nature’s way of going uh-uh, don’t do that!

Using natural products is like a Mother’s touch to a baby, non-invasive and tenderly loving – basically the good stuff!

Why does this matter?

Because skin that loves what you use on it is going to show its appreciation with fewer breakouts, rashes, permanent scarring, and oiliness.

This means a more flawless look that you’re going to want to show off with confidence and grandeur. Wear those work outfits with pride and feel confident in putting your natural face on display for the world to see!

How we feel improves our immunity because in many ways a positive outlook in life solves half of our problems!

Don’t put your health on the Backburner any longer

Because doing so can damage your life in ways you may haven’t considered yet.

Health underpins so many of the foundations we build upon as we travel this amazing journey called life – from our families and friends to how we feel about ourselves and what we see in the mirror every morning to what we achieve on a professional front.

How are you balancing your health and work life? Let us know …




About Your Guest Blogger: Mituri works at Nim-Véda Australia in the Marketing/PR Department, a company that manufactures Certified Organic, Organic & Natural Personal Care Products and High-Quality Raw Gourmet Food Ingredients. Previously having worked as a print journalist for Australia’s Second Largest Publishing House, Express Publications, News Corp and a variety of Online & Print Mediums, Mituri now spends her days learning about the ever growing and increasingly popular Health and Lifestyle sector as it relates to Organic Products.