How being nervous can propel you to great things

There is ALOT going on here at DBW headquarters. I’m currently re-branding (which means a brand new website AND a brand new members area). It is time for me to step up and really own this entrepreneurial journey I’ve been on, and really focus on taking sh*t to the next level. 

I was sharing my vision with my mother over coffee the other day. My mother does not always understand why I do the things I do but she asked me something that really surprised me.  She asked if I still get nervous about trying new things.

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot and the truth is: Yes! Absolutely!

I don’t think the fear of starting something new ever really goes away. When we think about our dreams or we look at new opportunities, there’s always a quiet voice inside us that says “What if you fail?”

It follows us as we get more serious about doing something different or pushing ourselves farther than we have ever before. This voice says things to us like “Everyone will see if you try and fail” and “You don’t know enough to do this. You should wait for another time.”

I suspect you too may also know this voice quite well. If you’ve ever thought about trying something new, starting a business, launching a product or service, asking for a promotion, or even increasing your prices, I expect you’re familiar.

Here’s the thing about that voice: it’s mostly a good thing. It makes us think seriously about what we choose to do and where and how we spend our time. It also keeps us humble and open to advice and input. If we listen to the voice just the right amount, it encourages us to do our research and to ask questions of others and ourselves. It reminds us that we have friends and mentors we can reach out to, seek support from, and get encouragement from.

If you’re thinking of doing something new right now, then I have no doubt that you’re probably hearing the voice. I hope you’ll decide to give it the nod and acknowledgement it deserves. I hope you’ll feel a touch of nervousness and then take steps to get the information and support you’re going to need. And then, I hope you’ll stop listening.

If you wait for that voice to go away before you take your next step, you’ll wait forever. If you think that voice will one day give you a green light to go after your dream, you’re wrong. It won’t.

I still get nervous before I try something new. I expect you do too. It’s what makes us human. Let’s put that nervousness to good use, and then set it aside. You only have one life, and the idea of not doing the things that would make it truly rich should make you much, much more nervous than that little voice.

I hope you’re nervous about the great things you’re going to do.

Please let me know if I can help.