Podcast Episode #6 Healthy Lifestyles for Women

Episode #6 – Caroline Silk– Healthy Lifestyles for Women

Show Notes:

      • Hear why Caroline quit her job in marketing and advertising to go study at University and become a female entrepreneur while raising three toddlers
      • 7:00 Weigh loss mindsets
      • 9:30 Michele shares her own personal weight loss struggles, and emotional triggers with weight gain
      • 13:00 Recognising your triggers and limiting beliefs
      • 16:31 Checking in with your physical feeling of hunger
      • 17:22 Mindful eating
      • 19:00 Advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for women who spend a lot of time behind a desk
      • 22:31 New work concept… standing!
      • 24:00 Tips for getting moving whilst working


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About Caroline:

Caroline Silk is a nutritionist who heals.  With wellness and weight loss as her speciality, Caroline knows diets don’t work.  You must change your mindset to change your weight. She is certified in the Activate Your Mind Program, – a program that addresses many of your emotions and limiting beliefs that may subconsciously sabotaging your efforts to lose weight up until now. She is a health coach and her mission is to educate and empower you with all the tools you need to be that fabulous, fit, healthy, confident and amazing person you want and deserve to be.

You can email Caroline info@carolinesilk.com

W: www.carolinesilk.com W: www.refocusrenewyou.com