Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

“2015 is the year of the video”. This sentence can be seen all over the internet in recent weeks. Everyone is talking about the rise of video and how video marketing is, without doubt, the future of content marketing. Video is now so important that Cisco reported late last year that it will account for a startling 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2018.

While everyone admits to knowing that video can display your business better than text ever will, many companies are not using video to its full potential. Below are 5 innovative ways you can use video in your online marketing campaign and grow your business substantially.

  1. Use video to increase engagement on Twitter and Instagram
    Recent Twitter research revealed that Tweets featuring a Vine video get 256% more engagement that tweets with no video. 256%. That’s a phenomenal difference. Sharing video on your Twitter or Instagram can help you get a huge following and will also encourage customers to share their own videos and tag you in them. Posts that include video on both Instagram and Twitter are a lot more likely to be seen and shared than posts which contain just text or images.
  1. Use video to attract people to your website
    Site visitors who view video on a company’s website homepage stay, on average, two minutes longer than visitors who just view text. Making video available can also make customers happier. For example, the likelihood of a customer making an online booking for a hotel is said to increase by as much as 67% if a video tour is available.

It is important to note, however, that videos really needs to be short and sweet. You will lose one third of all viewers by the 30 second mark and almost half of all viewers after the 1 minute mark.

  1. Use video on external platforms
    Once you have created some video content, you will want as many people as possible to view it. This is where external video hosting platforms come in. Don’t hide your video on some back page on your website. Upload it on as many sites as you possibly can, as this will encourage it to be shared even more. Share it with bloggers. Share it with product reviewers. Upload it on Vimeo and Youtube. Put it on your Facebook page.
  1. Use it to get a page 1 ranking on Google
    1.)There are four key ways in which video can help increase your sites’ SEO. First off, video will improve your sites SERP ranking. Pages with video are in fact 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results than pages without video.2.)Having a video also encourages more people to click, thus attracting more people to your site. To make the most of this make sure to embed videos on your site and don’t just leave them to get lost on YouTube or other video hosting sites.3.)Visitors to your homepage will usually stay two minutes longer on your site on than sites without video and they are 64% more likely to make a booking than other site visitors.

    4.)Finally, the the fourth way in which video can increase your SEO is that it is great for link building, with people far more inclined to share and link back to your homepage if there is video content.

  1. Use video to showcase your company/product on YouTube
    This is especially useful for new travel brands, hotels, hostels and travel companies. According to Google’s first ever YouTube White Paper, 89% of leisure travelers and 93% of business travelers watch online travel videos before going somewhere.

While most YouTube watchers are interested in community-generated content, the majority of travel-related views are for professionally released videos. In fact, views of branded videos are up 394% year on year, making YouTube an excellent platform to showcase your property and attract more bookings.


To read more about the points discussed above you can log on to the Meetingsbooker blog and read their Video Marketing White Paper