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Google+ Tips for Anyone Avoiding Google +

Google+ is a powerful network, but in my experience not the one small business owners are jumping to first. This can be a mistake because it’s a social network backed by a search engine. This means that if you NEVER see yourself using Google+ it’s still seriously worth your time to make sure you’re represented well.

This network is tied in with YouTube and Gmail, meaning that your profile is attached to these places even if you never use it. So people are linking to your profile looking to connect and finding an empty page. Basically you’ve got potential leads falling off your social media cliff, and that is the opposite of what we want with social media.

How do we stop this?
Good news, you don’t have to become a huge fan of Google+ (although I am and it’s awesome) but you do need to take a bit of time to make sure you’re well repped. And we can do that in 3 simple steps.

1. Make it pretty
prettyThe first step is the basics, profile image and cover image. Make sure that when we land on the page we know it’s you. Make sure these images are current and reflect your brand as it is now.

You want this to be recognizable, so use the same images you use on your other social networks.

2. Complete Details
other profiles

Make sure you’re taking control of the MASSIVE SEO power of Google+. Add your links, complete your bio, and make sure we get a feel for who you are.

Remember those links don’t have to stick to just your website. This is a great place to the networks you will be using regularly. In other words make it easy for them to connect.

I also encourage you to create a post using your profile pointing them in the direction of where to find an active social media page. Something simple like “I’m not around these parts very often, be sure to connect with me on Twitter.”

3. Repeat
The last step is to make sure you come back, if your bio changes, or you add new links, or your change the images you use for your business come back and update your profile. You want this to be recognizable as you are NOW. If you set it and forget it you’ll find that this will be as confusing as was when it was blank.

See Google+ doesn’t have to be your new favorite place to spend your social time, but it does need to represent you well. The truth is even if you’re not using it, it is representing you.


BIO: About Stacey
StaceyStacey Harris is the creator of the Rock Star Guide to Google+, the go to resource to learn how to create and use your Google+ profile or page to grow your business. You can connect with her on Google+ as well as join her VIP community