Give Your Business a Competitive Edge: 5 Signs You Need to Invest in IT Support

IT support can be one of those investments that business owners sit on the fence with. Many entrepreneurs swear by it, whilst other small business owners still struggle to see the benefits. Whether we like to embrace it or not, technology is key to streamlining corporate processes. And business owners that don’t view IT support as a smart investment, will fall behind competitors quickly.

In this day and age, when technology fuels almost every corporate decision, it’s imperative to have a team of experts dedicated to looking after it. It’s surprising how many companies put it off though. Usually, it’s because of the expenses involved and small business owners finding it more cost-effective to do the job themselves.

It’s a business thing – entrepreneurs try to do everything on their own. It’s our independent mindsets, which can sometimes set us back. As your business grows – so do your tech needs, and it takes specifically trained professionals to help you keep these changes and perform better. If your business is slowing down, customers are preferring competitor’s tools or processes aren’t feeling as efficient, it may be time to invest in IT support. Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s Been a While Since You Had a Security Check-Up

Some business decisions may be easy to overlook but security solutions should never be compromised. Especially when it comes to your tech security. If you haven’t had a security check-up recently, investing in IT support will make sure your systems are updated and secure. It shouldn’t matter if you’re working with something as simple as network sharing or a large, comprehensive IT infrastructure, cyber security should always be prioritised.

Having access to a managed IT provider is the smartest way to protect your business against cyber-attacks or detrimental viruses. They will effectively conduct regular checks to monitor threats, secure weak spots in your security plan and educate you on any risks to be wary of. This takes the hassle out of you working it out for yourself and protects one of your biggest business assets – client, corporate and product information. Data breaches are a big deal and protecting your customer’s details have never been so vital.

Look for an IT company who will:

  • Monitor anti-virus and malware updates.
  • Test passwords to make sure they’re secure.
  • Run regular checks against email filters and firewall.
  • Update you on any changes or security breaches and issues to be aware of.

2. Competition is Increasing or Doing Better

Keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to corporate competition goes beyond just the basics.

How do your competitors do business? If they’re doing better in the industry than you, review whether or not technology solutions play a role. Customers crave ease-of-use when it comes to working with businesses or deciding on products and services. And investing in IT support gives companies a competitive advantage. Customer reviews can be a good helping hand in determining whether they prefer competitors’ tools over yours too.

Customer reviews can be a good helping hand in determining whether they prefer competitors’ tools over yours too.

The most successful business owners gain a market edge by investing in technology-enabled processes. Their working methods are carefully reviewed and they embrace the innovations in these technologies to benefit product lines. Where does your business stand against the rest of the industry?

3. Your Business is Running at Snail-Pace

Nothing is worse for productivity levels than a computer that constantly crashes. Long waits for loading files and systems buckling under the pressure is enough to send even the most patient employee up the wall. If your company network is running at snail-pace, then staff motivation and corporate processes are all affected. Systems that are slow or crashing on a regular basis are a sure sign action needs to be taken.

Slow speeds hurt employee productivity and outages can make you fall behind your competitors. And it’s not just for staff sanity either; these hits to your bottom line can be costly. By investing in IT support, you’re investing in a service that is able to stand up to these issues and test the performance of your infrastructure, against the applications that your business needs. Companies that are experiencing major issues with slow networks should consider moving to the cloud to take the pressure off too.

4. You’re Using a ‘Vintage’ Collection of Hardware

Despite the vintage appeal being ultra-cool these days, it’s far from great when you’re running a business on 10+ year systems. Even worse, if you’re still using paper records! Hardware and IT systems that are over a decade old need to be updated. Business technologies like these shouldn’t be put to the test of time because they will fail, and it’s never at a convenient moment.

Investing in IT support encourages business owners to invest in new equipment – a better workhorse for the job. It doesn’t mean you need to go into debt to get a system that works for your needs, but the ‘don’t be stingy’ theme reigns true here. IT support highlights the essentials you need to run your business more effectively.

It’s important to realise too, that systems built over a decade ago were designed with different technology landscapes in mind. These times are well before mobile compatibility and other tech-upgrades we rely on for business and are usually below today’s industry standards.

5. Your Current IT Solutions Cost Too Much Time and Money

If your current IT solutions are costing you too many of your valuable resources, it’s time to make a change.  Outsourcing or paying for robust tools to streamline work processes is a necessity to running a good business. These changes free up precious time and keep more money in the kitty. When you invest in services, training and tools to push your business to succeed, you’re thinking about long term solutions.

Business owners that refuse to invest in services like IT support are subjected to big pitfalls. Successful businesses are all about utilising what they can to grow. It’s better to know what services should be delegated to a professional and when, rather than trying to tackle everything yourself.

The sooner you invest in a reliable IT support service, the sooner you have more time to get back to business essentials. And it’s investments like these that will give you a better opportunity to grow your business, reduce your workload process and steer you in the right direction.