Five tips for recruiting the right person

Selecting the right staff to represent your brand can be the difference between a successful, long lasting company and failure. Your employees are fundamental to your company’s success, as they are the face of the brand. They will have the most interaction with clients, customers and colleagues, and as a result, their work will establish your reputation.

To ensure your company name is known for providing high-quality service, it’s vital that your team members reflect this by sharing the same virtues that you want your brand to portray. It’s only natural that most people appear nervous in an interview environment and so it can be difficult to see an accurate representation of candidates and how they will fit in with the company dynamic. However, by enforcing a streamlined interview procedure, you can make the recruitment process productive to ensure you select the right employees from the onset. 

Attract the right candidates

Building up your company’s reputation internally with employees is as important as it is externally with clients. Establishing your company as a positive employer is key to attracting the right candidates, this can be achieved through internal perks, the working environment and company reviews, both online and word of mouth. By promoting an employee-focused workplace, you should attract some of the top talent in your industry, as all employees want to feel appreciated in their industry.

It can take a long time to develop this reputation, when advertising a role externally, start-up companies should ensure they have an accurate and comprehensive job description detailing the skill sets, personal traits and experience required to fulfil the position is key to gaining the right applications and can save you a significant amount of time when reviewing CVs.

What is your team lacking?

To gain a clear understanding of what you are looking for in an employee, you should review your current team. Identifying the existing skill sets and traits within the department, both positive and negative, will help to determine what your group is missing. These observations will help you decide what you want from your new team member and will ensure that they become a valued team member, rather than another cog on the wheel.

Consistency is key

When it comes to hosting interviews, either in person, or on the phone, you should have consistent talking points. However, the process should be conversational. This will ensure that you see more of the candidate’s individual personality whilst the guided questions in place will certify that candidates are being assessed equally. It’s important that the interview process is totally unbiased and that you don’t cut people loose early on, having a loosely structured process will provide you with a good basis for comparing each prospective employee.

Embrace potential

Recruiters often place too much focus on hiring someone who checks all the skill requirements for the position, but who may not have the right personal attributes to succeed within the company. Try shifting the focus to mindset rather than skill-set, as it’s much easier to educate a less experienced candidate than it is to amend someone’s attitude. You should look at a prospect with less experience as an opportunity for you to mould the individual’s expertise to fit in with the business’s needs, this way they can grow with the company.

Honesty is the best policy 

Remember what your mother taught you about being honest, well this applies to business too, particularly recruitment. You should be totally transparent about the reality of your working environment. If you sell the company as being fun and laid back when it’s a traditional, gimmick-free office you might find yourself with poor staff retention. Employees will appreciate your honesty and it will also help you determine whether the candidate has the right attitude and that they are well-placed in the office.

You should always be prepared to invest a significant amount of time into your company’s recruitment process, hiring the wrong person will be costlier than taking your time with the process. Your goal should always be to retain staff, as this is indicative of a happy workplace, which in turn will reflect positively on your company.

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