Decide what you are going to do and just do it.

Just Do It

1) Do you leave yourself to last?

2) Have you found yourself on your own back-burner in life?

3) Should your success in business be at the expense of your own health?

Young beautiful woman jumping with a scarfYour life is busy. Perhaps you’re full time or part time; you may work for someone or have your own business, you may have a partner, a family or perhaps not! Your days are full with all things – business meetings, deadlines and stress! And that’s just during the day. Don’t forget your other role when you walk in your front door every night! You now find yourself in a place where you’re looking after everything and everyone else but you. Herein lies your own personal conundrum.

On the one hand you easily manage and cope with schedules, clients, meetings etc. You know you can, you’re good at it and you’re success proves it.

Yet on the other hand, why do you neglect you, at the expense of your health?

You find it is sooo much easier to put you, how you feel about you and what you’re going to do about you on the back burner…for another day…. another lifetime!

And now here you are, stuck in this place where you don’t feel that fabulous about your self. How you look, how you feel. And perhaps, just perhaps, you have a niggling these feelings are starting to creep into how you’re approaching and how you are showing up in your business. You have neither the time nor the energy to make anything happen. The task seems too big, you’ve neglected yourself for too long – your health, your weight and your fitness. Yes if you’re honest with yourself, deep down you believe that you’ll never ever achieve your that place where you would like to be….

When you think about losing the weight or becoming a healthier version of you… it seems all too hard! So what do you do?

1) You STOP and take time out for you. I’m not talking about running away or escaping for a few days (not such a silly idea – if you can arrange it go for it!). I’m suggesting you find an uninterrupted hour/s for ‘me time’. Make an appointment with yourself and schedule it in your diary! Do not even think about cancelling!

2) When you take this time, sit quietly, take ten long deep breaths to calm your nervous system and help you find some stillness. Then write down a list of things that YOU want – not your boss, not your clients or suppliers, not your partner nor the kids – YOU! Think big and keep on writing till you run out of ideas. It may be… lose the weight, become fitter, enjoy some pamper time, to eat well and nourish your body, travel, see your your friends more…whatever. Important tip! These wants must be stated in the positive, i.e. I want to shed my excess weight not I don’t want to be fat!!

3) Once you have your list, give each ‘want’ a value from top priority – the want you desire the most – and make that number one and continue with each of the remaining.

4) Take your numero uno and ponder it, think about how you can achieve it, what things or habits you need to change, what actions you can take to make it happen and again write these down and list them.

5) Finally, choose one action/change only. It may be the easiest, and that’s OK, this isn’t a contest. It is you taking that first step. It is this action that will help you get to where you want to go.

6) Follow through and act now! Do not put this whole exercise on the back-burner as you’ve done in the past. If you need support go out and find it – you would do so with a business problem why not for the most important person in your business … you!

If you don’t have your health….. So be excited, it is time for positive change. Decide what you are going to do and just do it!

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

BIO: Caroline Silk is a nutritionist who heals. With weight loss as her specialty, Caroline knows diets don’t work and you must change your mindset to change your weight. She is certified in the Activate Your Mind Program, – a system that addresses many different aspects that may have been subconsciously sabotaging your efforts to lose weight up until now. She is a health coach and her mission is to educate and empower you with all the tools you need to be that fabulous, fit, healthy, glowing person you want and deserve to be.