Customer Service Levels

Episode #12- Customer Service Levels – Dr Diederik Gelderman

In this podcast I interview Dr Diderik Gelderman who was travelling with me to San Diego for a conference. Here we talk about our different customer service experiences and discuss how customers are ‘naming and shaming’ on social media – businesses where they have experienced or witnessed poor customer service.

Show Notes:

  • The difference between customer service levels
  • It’s the little things you do that make the difference
  • Examples of our experiences with customer service whilst in the San Diego
  • Customer experience expectations
  • People are talking about your business on social media if you provide poor customer service
  • A real life example of one Facebook post of an incident witnessed by a customer that could potentially ruin this business
  • Is your customer service just ‘OK’?
  • Finding your key ‘moments of truth’
  • Book recommendation by Dr Gelderman “Moments of Truth” by Jan Carlzon

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