Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Getting Started: Creating Your First Facebook Campaign and Market Like a Pro

Leveraging the power of social media can dramatically increase results in your business. Creating Facebook advertising campaigns should be an essential part of your marketing spend, and the best part of all is if you do it the right way it does not have to cost you a fortune.


If you’re not in marketing then advertising can be confusing and daunting for any business owner.

I originally created this video tutorial for a mastermind buddy for her membership site and couldn’t resist sharing it with you as well

In this video I go through the steps you need to take first BEFORE you create your first campaign such as;

  • Things you need to think about and have ready before your create your ad
  • Know exactly who you’re marketing to
  • Your customer physiology
  • Creating your attention grabbing headline
  • Tips to creating an engaging ad and call to action
  • Eye grabbing images to use and what works
  • Your page now has new likers but now what? Here I discuss HOW to convert followers into customers

Then I show you exactly how HOW to create your first Facebook Likes campaign

Did you find this video helpful? If so comment below as I would LOVE to hear from you