Creating Your Digital Presence

Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean it’s not there.

As much as we can’t ignore texting is the way to communicate, we can’t ignore social media as a form of communication either.

You have a stable job,  enough clients and you never issues with finding staff. That’s great!

But what if you want to progress in your career, step out of your industry or start your own business?

No matter if you’re 16 or 66 years old, you need to have an online profile. What do we do before meeting someone, buying someone’s products, interviewing a potential hire, dating someone…?

We Google them!

Having a strong digital presence doesn’t only give you visibility to others but also improves your credibility and can open doors to opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of to be out there.

How so?

Think about it.

What do you do if you need someone or something or at least consider getting it? Exactly!

You ask someone you trust if they know of a good dentist, hairdresser, accountant …

Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth recommendations, especially from the ones we like and trust.

But here is the thing – we don’t even need to know these people in ‘real life’.

65% trust the internet as a reliable source of information – which is the highest number of all ways.

Social media = social proof = peace of mind.

A brand is a promise and a sum of experiences (good and bad ones) that we associate with something (Just do it!) or someone (You get a car. You get a car…) along the way.

Good news:
You can take control over other people’s perception: with everything you do – how your look to how you shake hands, your email response, how you answer the phone to your interaction – online & offline.

The power of Social Media is its nature

Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text which makes social media so powerful – we can showcase who we are, what we do, why and how we do it through images and video. These mediums don’t just give away the actual content but more importantly – our why and personality.

It is your ‘why’ and your ‘story’ that attract people to you, not your ‘what’. Everyone else has a similar offer, skill set, experience, price… but what makes you YOU? Exactly! Your story!

Taking them on a journey of your learnings and providing value along the way in your area of expertise (and what you want to be known for) will make you ‘the go-to person’ when it comes the time they need your offer.

You want to be on the forefront of people’s mind when they think of your service, your skill set, your area of expertise and associate you to be the one to go to > you are the (perceived) best in it!

You see – everyone needs a Personal Brand. It is not about you. It is about the value you can provide to others, personally and professionally.

Progressing in your career is your goal!

Great! Think about it – your boss’s motivation is to do the best job and get recognition. How to get there? Through other high flyers of course.

You want to be the one considered for the role first and foremost because everyone associates you with the area of expertise.

It goes to show again – it is not about you (in the first place). It is about making lives easier for others, solving problems, tapping into underlying motivations that make them act and engage with someone to solve it. And this is where you come in!


About Your Guest Blogger:  Petra Zink is the Founder of impaCCCt and combines 10 years experience in Brand and Product Marketing with 3 years in Recruitment and is now specialized in Personal Branding to get the best out of Individuals so they achieve their goals.