Creating Membership Sites and Courses

Episode #16 – Creating Membership Sites and Courses – Sam Nordberg

Have you ever thought about creating a membership site or online program for your business?

“Everyone has something inside them that they can teach the world”

Show Notes:

If you have them make sure you check out this interview with the amazing Sam Nordberg where we discuss:

    • Creating a membership site or program is NOT as hard as you think!
    • Tech tips for newbies PLUS where to start and what you need to plan first
    • If you can send an email you can start an online program
    • The platforms you should be looking into to create your membership site or e-course
    • How to sell your online programs and really stand out from the crowd
    • How Sam runs three businesses and how she copes during school holidays (some great tips here for all the working mothers!)
    • Balance is Bullshit – link to Sams video mentioned in the interview
    • The Superwoman/Supermum stigma is complete rubbish!

Sam Nordberg can show you how to take your passion and knowledge and create an online course that sells. With over 10 years’ experience training others, she knows how to make the process quick, easy and loads of fun. To find out more about Sam and eCourses, visit

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