Should you create a membership program

Podcast Episode #23

Membership sites are the marketing strategies of the new ‘vogue’ and there is a very good reason why!

This week I interview on the podcast Nathalie Dorémieux who is the co-founder of New Software Marketing, a French company Nathalie cofounded with her husband and business partner that specializes in helping entrepreneurs plan out and create profitable membership programs.

In this interview you will learn;

  • Why you should niche your business
  • why membership sites are growing in popularity
  • what types of businesses can profit from creating membership sites
  • what is the difference between a membership site and an eCourse
  • different types of membership programs that you can run for your business
  • how to launch your first membership site
  • how to keep your members from canceling their membership
  • the different kinds of membership technology to use no matter what stage you’re at
  • strategies to make your membership program successful
  • the three main criteria’s your membership idea needs

Links mentioned in this episode

  1. Wishlist
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Access Alley and Progress Alley

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