Community will change your business: A step by step guide.

A community is EVERYTHING to the success of your business. Community has been the most pivotal aspect of my own business success and you can see it in action every day with giant brands such as Apple. Apple fans arguably pay over the odds for Apple products, simply because they’re Apple products. Often the actual product matters less than the fact it’s from Apple. They have developed such a strong community, a community who will buy anything they sell.

The most successful communities are based on shared values. They are not just a group of people who are in the same place at same time. It’s not what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it that matters.


‘People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories & magic’ Seth Godin

So, maybe you’re wondering what makes an awesome community?

Russell Brunson studied many mass movements while doing the research for his book ‘Expert Secrets’. He found that all mass movements had three things in common.

  • Charismatic leader

They were all lead by an attractive, magnetic person; a strong, charismatic leader.

  • Future based cause

All the mass movements were striving for a goal in the future. A collective good, which wasn’t directly associated with one person.

  • Offer their audience a vehicle of change

They all provided their followers with a way to get to the common goal. They gave a path to this ‘ideal’ future situation and they focused on HOW their followers would get there.


Why is community important?


Now we might not be planning to create a mass movement. However, if we take some of the principles from this research it can positively affect the community we can create around our businesses.


Some practical ways to grow community around your business


  • Having a community is important for personally. I love the community I’ve built around my business and I’m grateful for it every day.
  • Community creates return customers. If people feel valued and part of something they will return and they will probably bring their friends too!
  • Having a thriving community around your brand will make your business much more visible to new connections and potential opportunities.
  • Your community will turn into an army of advocates. These people will share your products and shout about you from the root-tops. This word of mouth, organic marketing really is the most powerful marketing out there. Other people promoting your brand creates social proof and allows you to shortcut some of the relationship building processes with future community members; they already trust you as they have taken on the trust that these other people have.
  • An interactive community can really help you gain traction on social media, which will help to spread your message further and in turn reach more new customers.


The best ways you can build community around your blog



  • Be true to yourself and your brand message.


People connect with people. You’ve probably heard a thousand times that people buy from people they know, like and trust.  Attracting your true fans means that you have to show enough of your personality and that of your brand, that you might well turn some people off and that’s ok. Not everyone has to love everything, it’s just not human nature for us all to like the same people. In order to find those true fans, some tyre kickers will have to go.



  • Have clarity as a leader


Clarity is so important. Your brand must stand for something. People must be able to gauge what this is quickly and understand it. If you aren’t clear people will not follow your brand and you will not be able to develop the strong community you need to push to the next level.

If you don’t have clarity, this should be your immediate focus. Remember at the start of this post I spoke about every Mass Movement having a charismatic leader, a future based cause and a vehicle of change. You can’t offer any of this to your community if you don’t have clarity.



  • Build your brand on a single powerful idea.


It’s so important to get to the core desire of the people you’re trying to help. How are you trying to help the people you serve? What’s the core desire you are trying to help them to achieve?



  • Engage with your audience.


Engaging takes time and it’s often considered unscalable in a business as it grows. That may be true, but it’s so very important and should not be forgotten about. Make connections with your potential fans, be the brand that stands out. Ask your audience questions and interact with them. Thank people for stopping by your website, for retweeting your content, respond to their questions and emails. All of these things will make such a difference to how your brand is perceived.



  • Get them on your email list


Having your own list of customers/community means you can communicate with them on your terms and you won’t be at the mercy of social media algorithms. Getting them onto your email list is the first step in creating a deeper connection. You can then nurture the relationship and give value beyond what they see on the surface. This will put you in a better position to sell your products to them in the future and for them to become a super fan of yours.



  • Feature your community


There are so many ways you can do this and examples from brands who do it well. Take Frank (@Frank_bod) for example, they make natural caffeinated skincare products and share their clients’ images on their main Instagram feed. People love the idea of being shouted out and so they are so willing to share images of themselves with the product, adding to the social proof and organic spread of the product information.



  • You could start your own hashtag community


People enjoy joining in and being part of events and challenges. So why not create a # relating to your business. I started #LittleFierceOnes on Instagram with a friend and it now has over 280k images in the gallery and its own thriving community. This is another area Frank do well in. They have two hashtags #TheFrankEffect and #LetsBeFrank, which are full to the brim of clients sharing their products for them, genius!



  • Reward loyalty.


Rewarding loyal clients/community members is a wonderful way to give back. Maybe you could offer a free product, shout out or something much more exciting. You could give your core community special perks or the chance to win prizes.

I hope you’re now convinced about the power of community and the role it can have in growing your business. Do you have any tried and tested ways to build a community around your business? What works for you?


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